Allied Voyage Quests are unlocked at Castle Level 4. Reach Castle Level 7 to invite friends to join your Allied Voyage. To access the Allied Voyage, press the scroll button on the left side of the screen in your Turf (for starting players), or press the Allied Voyage button in Others (the gear button at the bottom of the screen).

Voyage Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Last for 14 days
  • Complete the quests to get Voyage Reward.png Voyage Rewards
  • Finish all quests to get the Completion Reward.png Completion Reward

Inviting Friends[edit | edit source]

  • Invited friends that join and link their account will get the Voyage Reward.png Welcome Gift
    • Speed Up (5m) x30, Speed Up (3m) x20, Food (30K) x1, and Stone (10K) x1
  • You will receive an Voyage Reward.png Invitation Reward when a friend you invited joins the game
    • The same rewards as the Welcome Gift
  • You get the Voyage Reward.png Comrade Reward when your friend completes a Voyage Quest, and the Completion Reward.png Comrade Completion Reward when they complete all Voyage Quests

Conditions[edit | edit source]

  1. You can start inviting friends at Castle Level 7.
  2. Your friend must be downloading the game on their device for the first time and must register a new account
  3. Your friend must use the Invite Link to download the game within 24 hours and log in to the game. Once they link their account, both of you will get rewards.

Note.png Note: The steps in point 3 must all be done on the same device and network. We recommend that you download the game on a strong WiFi connection and not switch IP addresses. This will ensure that both you and your friend can be linked.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. You can have a maximum of 100 friends, but only 10 of them can be on your Allied Voyage at any one time.
  2. You can invite friends using an invite link. Once they have linked their account and received the Welcome Gift, they can join your Allied Voyage if you have less than 10 friends on it. Friends you have invited will appear on the roadmap of your Allied Voyage, and you will receive an Invitation Reward.
  3. Friends can only start Voyage Quests at Castle Level 4, and they will only be available for 14 days. You will receive a Comrade Reward after your invited friends complete a Voyage Quest and claim their reward.
  4. Friends will disappear from the Allied Voyage if they are inactive. You can still collect any unclaimed Comrade Rewards.
  5. Once you have reached the maximum amount of friends (10 in the Allied Quest, 100 friends invited in total), friends who use your invite link can still get the Welcome Gift. However, they cannot join your Allied Voyage, or show up on your Allied Voyage road map; you will also not get the Invitation Reward.

The Roadmap[edit | edit source]

Quest I
"Hidden Talent"
Reach Player Level 11
Assign at least 1 Talent Point to Construction Speed I
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Speed Up (1m) x30, Timber (10K) x2, Ore (10K) x2
Quest II
"Building Futures"
Increase Might (Buildings) by 800
Gather 6,000 Resources
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Speed Up (3m) x10, Gold (3K) x3
Quest III
"Monstrous Clash"
Upgrade Castle to Level 6
Hit Level 1 Monster 1 time
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Speed Up (3m) x20, Food (150K) x1, Stone (50K) x1
Quest IV
"Expanding Horizons"
Increase total Might by 6,000
Earn 300 points in Solo Events
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Energy (2K) x3, Timber (50K) x2, Ore (50K) x2
Quest V
"Heroic Strides"
Reach Player Level 17
Clear Hero Stage 1-18
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Speed Up Research (10m) x18, Gold (15K) x3
Quest VI
"New Recruits"
Increase total Might by 15,000
Train 1,200 Troops
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Speed Up (15m) x8, Food (150K) x2, Stone (50K) x2
Quest VII
"Bright Idea"
Clear Skirmish 4: Lush Plains
Increase Might (Research) by 8,000
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Speed Up (15m) x8, Timber (150K) x1, Ore (150K) x1
Quest VIII
"Proof of Worth"
Win 1 battle in the Colosseum
Hit Level 2 Monsters 5 times
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Energy (5000) x3, Gold (50K) x1
Quest IX
"Getting Busy"
Increase Might (Buildings) by 7,000
Collect 7 Heroes
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Speed Up Research (15m) x20, Food (500K) x1, Stone (150K) x1
Quest X
"The Right Path"
Upgrade Castle to Level 12
Increase total Might by 65,000
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Speed Up Research (30m) x12, Timber (150K) x2, Ore (150K) x2
All Voyage Quests complete!
Complete all Voyage Quests and claim their rewards to get the Completion Reward
Rewards -
Comrade Rewards - Relocator x1, Gold (50K) x2

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Allied Voyage was added in an update on June 01, 2018.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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