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The Arctic Flipper is summoned by guilds during events like Guild Bash, when enough points have been scored collectively by the guild, to reach the Monster Crests.

  • Arctic Flippers have high HP.
  • The energy cost to hunt an Arctic Flipper is 1.
  • The damage multiplier can't be used.
  • Consecutive hunting damage boost still applies.
  • The Level of the monster depends on the current Guild Bash Level of the summoning Guild

Info.png Monster Manual[]

DMG Type: Direct DMG

Strong Against: Physical and Magic

Weak Against: The Arctic Flipper is making a splash! Turn the tide by defeating it in the Guild Bash, and fish up its treasures!

Hero.png Hero Lineups []

Level Free Heroes Paid Heroes
1 - 5 Black Crow, Death Archer, Incinerator, Tracker, Trickster Black Crow, Death Archer, Incinerator, Petite Devil, Tracker

Reward.png Rewards[]

Arctic Flippers give 0 rewards when hit.

  • All members of the guild that summon an Arctic Flipper, will receive the Summon Bonus.png Summon Bonus.
  • The Grade (common to legendary) of the Summon Bonus depends on the current Guild Bash Level.
  • The Summon Bonus content is random, and contains one of the following rewards:
Gems Speed Up Item Chest


General 7d

General 3d

General 24h

General 15h

General 8h

Star Scroll x3

Star Scroll x10

Bon Appeti x70

Bon Appeti x20

Saberfang x70

Saberfang x20

Terror x70

Terror x20

Ember x10

Ember x5

Ember x2

  • All members of the guild who score the killing blow on an Arctic Flipper will receive the Slayer Loot.png Slayer Loot.
  • The Grade (common to legendary) of the Slayer Loot depends on the current Guild Bash Level.
  • The Slayer Loot content is random.

Tips.png Tips[]

Players can do well over 1% damage to Arctic Flippers, if they send 5 heroes, have good hunting gear, and use hunting boosts.

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