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The Army Leadership research tree allows the player to unlock various Army Lineup technologies, boosts to Gathering and Supply troops, an Army Limit expansion, and Enemy Army Debuffs, among various other boosts.

Level 17 Academy is required.

Available Research[]

Weight Training.png

Weight Training II

Resource Harvesting.png

Resource Harvesting II

Ration Run.png

Ration Run I

Training Speed.png

Training Speed III

Ranged Phalanx.png

Ranged Phalanx

Cavalry Phalanx.png

Cavalry Phalanx

Bigger Infirmary.png

Bigger Infirmary I

Gold Storage.png

Gold Storage I

Max Deposit.png

Max Deposit I

Gold Harvesting.png

Gold Harvesting I

Bigger Bags.png

Bigger Bags I

Tax Break.png

Tax Break

Forced March.png

Forced March I

More Gatherers.png

More Gatherers

Infantry Wedge.png

Infantry Wedge

Ranged Wedge.png

Ranged Wedge

Cavalry Wedge.png

Cavalry Wedge

Army Defense.png

Army Defense II

Army Offense.png

Army Offense II

Army Health.png

Army Health II

Bigger Army.png

Bigger Army III







Trivia.png Trivia[]

  • The Army Leadership tree was added in the October 12, 2016 content update.
  • Total Research time: 30047d 13h 40m

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