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The Bargain Store is an occasional Event where players can purchase various items and Chests for Gems, which are usually only available for purchase through special bundles.

List of Items[]

Below is a list of items that have been available for purchase in the Bargain Store.


Item Gem.png Cost
Dark Magister Chest.png Lightweaver Chest 6,800
Dark Magister Chest.png Dark Magister Chest 6,800
Dark Magister Chest.png Shape Shifter Chest 6,800
Slayer Loot.png Chest of Power 2,400
Chest of Pacts.png Chest of Pacts x2 5,800
Summon Bonus.png Crimson Chest 9,999
Ember Chest.png Ember Chest x3 4,800


Item Gem.png Cost
Frostwing Pact.png Frostwing Pact x2 4,200
Gargantua Pact.png Gargantua Pact x2 4,200
Blackwing Pact.png Blackwing Pact x2 4,200
Bon Appeti Pact.png Bon Appeti Pact x2 4,200
Huey Hops Pact.png Huey Hops Pact x2 4,200
Queen Bee Pact.png Queen Bee Pact x2 4,200


Item Gem.png Cost
Crimson Mane.png Crimson Mane (Uncommon) 12,000
Jade Orb.png Jade Orb (Rare) 2,800
Cursed Skull.png Cursed Skull (Rare) 2,800
Glistening Pearl.png Glistening Pearl (Rare) 2,800
Frostwing Heart.png Frostwing Heart (Rare) 2,800
Mutated Brain.png Mutated Brain (Rare) 2,800
Glowing Halo.png Glowing Halo (Rare) 2,800
Gargantuan Eye.png Gargantuan Eye (Rare) 2,500
Queen Venom.png Queen Venom (Rare) 2,800
Terrorthorn Seed.png Terrorthorn Seed (Rare) 2,500


Item Gem.png Cost
Champion Jewel.png Champion Jewel (common) 12,000
Gargantua Jewel.png Gargantua Jewel (common) 3,600
Terror Jewel.png Terror Jewel (common) 3,000
Wyrm Jewel.png Wyrm Jewel (common) 3,000
Grim Jewel.png Grim Jewel (common) 2,500
Trojan Jewel.png Trojan Jewel (common) 2,500
Saber Jewel.png Saber Jewel (common) 2,500


Item Gem.png Cost
Wolfpack Sigil.png Wolfpack Sigil (common) 2,600
Star Scroll.png Star Scroll x10 5,000
Mystic Carpet.png Mystic Carpet II 5,800
Devil's Cap.png Devil's Cap 8,800
EXP Elixir.png EXP Elixir x5 3,500


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