During the Battle Royal, players can earn Royal Points by killing Tier 4 and above Troops in Royal Wonder Battles. Players can use a Royal Pass to participate. The event lasts for 3 days. The Battle Royal Playground is located at K: 71.

The commander who occupies the District Wonder for the longest time will be proclaimed the victor and be crowned the Emperor. Wonders will be owned by the Rally commander instead of the Guild leader.  

  • Only players with Lv 25 Castle can participate in the event.
  • Players must be in a Guild to participate.
  • This event in not available in protected Kingdoms. 

Points Points Edit

Kill Tier 4 and above troops in Royal Wonder battles. Troops sent to the Infirmary do not count.

Tier 4 1 Point
Tier 5 2 Points

Reward RewardsEdit

Royal Points can be exchanged for items in the Royal Treasury after the event has ended. 

Emperor's Hoard Emperor's Edicts

The almighty Emperor Equipment

1,000,000 Gems

600,000,000 Gold

The Emperor's captured prisoners cannot be pardoned by the Overlord

Assign Kingdom Labels

Issue Imperial Titles

Honor and reward guild mates

Second Place Third Place
Emperor Equipment that expires after 20 days Emperor Equipment that expires after 10 days

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