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Welcome back, my Lord.

Other Lords are jostling for power everywhere! We must reclaim our lands to expand our turf! I, Bellena, will do my best to help you become the ultimate victor!



Bellena is the Oracle of Lords Mobile. She serves mainly as the tutorial character, guiding the player through most aspects of the game as they are introduced.

Her main appearance is in the Labyrinth, where she uses the power of Holy Stars to cast a light that repels the monsters within. She will sometimes receive a Divine Blessing, which temporarily removes the Holy Star requirement to use her power.

She is fought as a boss during the first Hero Stage, and can rarely be encountered in the lower Colosseum stages in the Guard.0001 lineup.

Hero.png Hero Information

The Goddess is my voice.


List.png Background

Bellena the Oracle is not your typical hero. Extremely reclusive, she spends days at a time praying and communing with the Goddess Athena. But she always appears to those in need, ready to lend a hand and guide them in the right direction.Lately, Bellena has been unusually active, traveling from town to town with dire warnings of falling stars and creatures of pure flame. The Goddess has told her of a terrible force gathering in the shadow, and the Oracle must prepare the world for its coming.

Question.png How to Obtain

Only appears to those who have been chosen. Once summoned, she will guide heroes on their way.

Book.png Skills

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold

Divine Retribution.png

When Deployed

Deals XXX Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops

105% 110% 120% 140% 200%

Army ATK.png

When Deployed

Army ATK +XX%

+1% +2% +4% +8% +20%

Army DEF.png

When Deployed

Army DEF +XX%

+1.25% +2.50% +5% +10% +25%

Battle Song.png

When Deployed

Army Max HP +XX%

+1.25% +2.50% +5% +10% +25%
Hero Skills

Sacred Writ.png
Sacred Writ


Invokes the word of the Goddess, healing all allies and granting them Divine Protection for 6s

Holy Arrows.png
Holy Arrows

First Active

Fires 3 bolts of light into an enemy.


Second Active

Casts a magic circle, dealing damage to enemies in a medium area and Immobilizing them for 2s. This spell lasts for 5s.

Divine Light.png
Divine Light


Blessed by the Goddess, the Oracle can heal wounds of both flesh and spirit. Increases Healing Focus

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Points.png Gameplay

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