"An arrow through the sky, and arrow through the eye." - instigate further conflict. What better revenge is there than to let the surface dwellers kill each other?
Not overly useful in Hero quests but in the Colosseum couple her with Tracker to beat Incinerator.

How to Obtain Edit

Black Crow medals can be obtained from:

  • Elite 1-18 elite 5-6

After collecting 10 medals, Black Crow is unlocked for hiring. 

Medals Edit

White Green Blue Purple Gold
10 20 50 100 150

In total,

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold
Black crow silent kill
Silent Kill


Deals XXX% Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops.

105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Ranged hp
Ranged HP Boost


Ranged Max HP bonus

+2.5% +5% +10% +20% +50%
Ranged defense
Ranged DEF Boost


Ranged DEF Bonus

+2.5% +5% +10% +20% +50%
Trap attack
Trap ATK Boost


Trap ATK bonus

+1.5% +3% +6% +12% +30%

Hero Skills Edit

Hero Skills
Arrow rain
Arrow Rain


Fires a barrage of arrows, blanketing a medium area. Hits enemies in range 4 times each.

Achilles shot
Achilles' Shot


Fires an arrow at an enemy's weak spot, dealing damage and inflicting Bleeding for 3s.

Piercing arrow
Piercing Arrow


Fires an arrow through an enemy's armor, dealing damage and inflicting Vulnerable for 5s.



The Black Crow's lust for revenge empowers nearby allies. Increases ATK.


Black Crow, Bombin' Goblin, Chaos Dragon, Child of Light, Death Archer, Death Knight, Demon Slayer, Elementalist, Incinerator, Night Raven, Oath Keeper, Prima Donna, Rose Knight, Scarlet Bolt, Sage of Storms, Sea Squire, Snow Queen, Shade, Soul Forger, Tracker, Trickster, Watcher

Barbarian, Berserker, Dark Follower, Dark Magister, Dream Witch, Ethereal Guide, Femme Fatale, Grim Wolf, Grove Guardian, Lightweaver, Lore Weaver, Mastercook, Petite Devil, Prince of Thieves, Shape Shifter, Songstress of The Sea, Steambot, Storm Fox, The Big Guy, Twilight Priestess, Vengeful Centaur, Witch Doll