The Blackwing is a normal Monster which spawns for two consecutive days in the course of one Monster cycle. It will remain on the Kingdom Map for 2 hours and 55 minutes, or until it is killed. When these monsters are killed, a new monster of the same type will spawn nearby.

The Blackwing is also a Familiar which offers a variety of skills and effects to benefit the player. 

Info Monster Manual Edit

DMG Type: Magic

Strong Against: High MDEF

Weak Against: The Blackwing constantly hungers for blood, and will always lock onto the healthiest target in sight! Its venomous fangs nullifies all Life Leech effects, and its thick hide protects it from the strongest magical attacks. Take it down with brute physical force!

Hero Recommended Hero Lineups Edit


Monster Levels 1-3: Black Crow, Death Archer, Demon Slayer, Tracker and Trickster

Monster Levels 1-5: Black Crow, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Tracker and Trickster


Monster Levels 1-3: Black Crow, Demon Slayer, Mastercook, Scarlet Bolt and Tracker

Monster Levels 1-3: Black Crow, Demon Slayer, Femme Fatale, Scarlet Bolt and Tracker

Monster Level 4: Black Crow, Death Archer, Demon Slayer, Mastercook and Rose Knight

Monster Level 4: Death Archer, Demon Slayer, Femme Fatale, Rose Knight and Tracker

Monster Level 5: Under Testing

 Reward Rewards Edit

Monster Lv Material and Chest Grade Speed Up Shield Gems Gold
1 Common General 60m 8h 200 15K
2 Uncommon General 3h 8h 400 50K
3 Rare General 8h 24h 600 50K
4 Epic General 15h 24h 800 200K
5 Legendary General 24h 3d 1,000 600K

Materials Edit

  • Crusty Horn
  • Fossilized Egg
  • Glowing Eye
  • Slimy Scale

Chests Edit

  • Hero

Familiar Familiar Skills Edit

Hatchling Skill Edit

Soulburst (Army ATK +) Effect Type: Permanent

Level Bonus Required Familiar Level
1 +1%
2 +1,25%
3 +1,5%
4 Level 10
5 Level 15
6 +2,25% Level 25
7 +2,5% Level 35
8 Level 45
9 Level 55
10 Level 60

Adult Skill Edit

Bad Blood (Army HP (Battle fury) ) Effect Type: Permanent

Level Bonus Required Familiar Level
1 3% Level 20 & Adult
2 +3,5%
4 Level 25
5 Level 30
6 Level 40
7 Level 45
8 Level 50
9 Level 55
10 10% Level 60

Elder Skill Edit

Hellfire (Invading troops kill a percentage of enemy's wounded troops, including Garrisons and Reinforcements) Effect Type: Support

Level Bonus Cool Down Time Required Familiar Level
1 35% 1d Level 50 & Elder
2 Level 50
3 Level 50
4 Level 51
5 Level 53
6 Level 55
7 Level 57
8 Level 58
9 Level 59


1hr Level 60

Army TalentEdit

Savage Breath

Deals damage based on your initial Ranged ATK to one of the largest enemy squads when 4% of your troops have fallen

Level Talent Effect Required Familiar Lvl
1 50 & Elder
10 600% 60


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