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Vvchaos Vvchaos 15 January


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Superbrawler19 Superbrawler19 28 December 2020

How to get free gems

Hi! Today I am going to share with you how to get free gems. Gems is always the resource that is running out, don't you agree? If you do not want to spend money getting gems and want to get gems quickly and easily, you are in luck. There are many ways on how to get free gems.

Some people may have tried cheating in Lords Mobile by accessing generators or downloading mods. However, these apps / generators need human verification to download apps, complete a survey and stuff like that. The surveys may be short but there are always some hidden dangers. Although no one has gotten banned yet, it is still better to follow this list of ways to get free gems.

Let us get started with the first one

  • 1 1. Treasure Trove
    • 1.1 7 day deposit
    • 1.2 14-day deposit
    • 1.3 30-…

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Aprovist88 Aprovist88 17 January 2020

Advanced F2P Guide

This guide is aimed at players looking to join the action in the big guilds while remaining free 2 play (F2P) using a good strategy and plenty of patience. This guide will kick-in from 120 to 150 million might or running up to T4. I am assuming you are familiar with the mechanics of the game and that you have figured out and acquired the basic sets for Gathering, Research, Building and Familiar.

  • 1 1. Career paths in Lords Mobile
  • 2 2. Setting yourself up for success and key decisions to take
  • 3 3. Getting to T4
  • 4 4. After T4
  • 5 5. Ideal troop numbers and warfare
  • 6 6. Familiars
  • 7 7. Event Management
    • 7.1 a. Guild Fest
    • 7.2 b. KvK
    • 7.3 c. Guild Bash
  • 8 8. Gears & Jewels
  • 9 9. Tips & Tricks

There are in my opinion a limited number of ‘career paths’ you can take in Lords Mobi…

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Rand Cypher Rand Cypher 11 January 2020

Guide: Guild Fest for Beginners

The following is a short list of easy to complete Quests, for players in Beginner and Intermediate Gauntlet.

There are generally speaking three ways to complete Guild Fest Quests during Guild Fest, which can of course, be combined.

  1. Spend Time playing Lords Mobile
  2. Spend Money
  3. Use saved Items

  • Get Dark Essence: +104, +134 points
  • Gather Food, Timber, Stone, Ore or Gold: +115, +143 points
  • Gather Resources: +122 , +152 points
  • Send help to your guild mates: +91, +106, +137 points
  • Win Darknest Coalition battles (Rally Captain only): +81, +117, +153 points
  • Open Mystery Boxes: +98, +139 points

  • Purchase Special Bundles: +119, +133, +157 points

  • Cargo Ship Trades: +102, +117, +146 points
  • Increase Might (Hero Armies): +97, +145 points
  • Spend Gems: +84, +95, +110, +141…

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Rand Cypher Rand Cypher 11 January 2020

Guide: Guild Fest Preparation

The key to easily completing Guild Fest without having to spend money,or too much time, is preparing for it. There are two weeks in between each Guild Fest. During this time players should:
  1. Do as many Cargo Ship trades as possible, to move resources into their Bags, and get items.
  2. If players are saving Gems to upgrade Treasure Trove, Battle Hall, Prison or Altar, or to upgrade buildings to Level 25, they should use as many Crystal Pickaxes, War Tomes, Steel Cuffs, Soul Crystals and Gold Hammers as they can before Guild Fest starts. These items can only be purchased for the best price, or bundles of x1000, when players do not meet the requirements for upgrading the buildings.
  3. Sweep Elite hero stages to get Hero Medals, but don't upgrade the heroes …
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Tephra Tephra 4 July 2019

Fandom Discord

Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

In order to join, you must do the following:

  1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
  2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
  3. Join at http://discord.gg/Fandom
  4. Follow the #verification process on the server

This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff. Users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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Rand Cypher Rand Cypher 12 May 2019

LordsMobile Wiki Adoption Request

I have made a request to adopt the LordsMobile Wiki, as there is currently only one admin, who hasn’t been active on the site for a couple years.  

I’ve been contributing to the Lords Mobile wiki for about a year now, and am currently working on several new pages. I’m also an active Lords Mobile player, with considerable experience in events and guild management.

I enjoy coaching and guiding new players, and would like to contribute with more extensive updates, to promote growth of the LordsMobile Wiki, so I hope you will support this request.

If you have any questions, please contact me on my message wall


Rand Cypher

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Tephra Tephra 11 May 2019

New Wiki Manager

Hi! My name is Tephra, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the LordsMobile Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

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Mohamed1234560 Mohamed1234560 15 January 2019

Mohamed Essam Tips ( Marvel 0000 )

Castle when in danger . The enemy's losses must be strengthened by the force of the wall and the traps .

what a surprise . He focused on building farms and hospitals a lot . He developed a wheat farm and expanded hospitals . The soldiers were kept in the hospital and the hospital was expanded . Keep the cost of handling bags. With as many soldiers as possible hoping to be on a high level.

Keep the cost of handling bags. Use it when needed, use it quickly,  Storage phase, and storage capacity protected from enemies. Because the increase is taken by the enemy

Investing resources. The material is always kept in bags. Replace resources after thinking well. With shipping ship.

Protection of the Army and Resources. Potential enemies care about your …

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Mohamed1234560 Mohamed1234560 13 January 2019

كومديا Comédie

︻デ═一 (#◕︷◕,)

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Sprietch Sprietch 17 May 2018

Renew of the Wiki

So, I will take the responsibility to re-new this Wikia and try to fill in missing informations and make it all more beautiful. Many Pages are missing or have missing or even false informations.

I will start with the Hero Pages after that I'm gonna make the Monster Hunts and when I'm finished with that I will try to complete Research and Construction. If I'm finished with that I try to get the Familiars to this Wikia. I'm thankful for every Person that tries to help me.

Sprietch (talk) 12:31, May 17, 2018 (UTC)

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Binglee527 Binglee527 17 March 2018

Strategies for fast and cost effective growth --- Tip 3: How to orgnize your guild?

Strategies for fast and cost effective growth --- Tip 3: How to organize a fast growth guild?

Never mind about the titles, it could not been changed, do not care it was chapter or tip.

In this page, i would like to share some experience of how to organize a fast growth guild?

Try your best to recruit active members, of course P2P player will be more than welcomed.

1, Create a wegamers (or other app) group chat to include as many members as you can. 

This is for the convenience of organizing. And off-line communication is also important, and you can share experience, achievement, happiness, sadness and etc…

2, Divide your guild into several groups.

Around 10 people into one group with one high mighty player as leader.

This is for the convenience of Dar…

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Binglee527 Binglee527 17 March 2018

Strategies for fast and cost effective growth --- Chapter 2: The importance of a good gui

As mentioned in Tip 1, speed up is the key point of this game. Then, how to get speed up fast?

The best way is to join a good guild where you can receive many high quality gift chests.

By open gift chests you can get: gems, speed ups, equipment materials, VIP items, shields, energy, guild token, resources, and actually almost everything.

For one chest, it is a issue for your fortune, high chance you may get like 50 K resources. Howver, just imaging, if you can open 100 chests, what will happen? and how about 500 chests? But remember, white chest does not make sense, most of them are resources.

Why it could be so many chests? 

The chests come from monster hunting and gift packages bought in the app store.

So hurry up to select the guild where there ha…

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Binglee527 Binglee527 15 March 2018

Strategies for fast and cost effective growth --- Chapter 1: How to assign your talent points?

Strategies for fast and cost effective growth --- Chapter 1: How to assign your talent points?

First, let’s make it clear: the key point of this game is speed up. Speed up is mighty; speed up is gem; speed up is money. Then, talent points should focused on speed up.

Here I would like to share: with limited talent points, how to maximize the output?

Never add military talent and economy talent at the same time, you will lose both of them. Talent could be changed freely since the talent reset could be bought using guild tokens. I would like to introduce three kind of talents adding patterns.

NO.1 Gathering talents

1, Construction and research speed must be maximized.

2, Gathering speeding should also been maximized. This is because gathering resource…

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Binglee527 Binglee527 15 March 2018

How to develop familiars for little money and non-money spend players

How to develop familiars for little money and non-money spend players


1. Buildings assignment

Mystic Spire: 1;                 Gym: 3-5;                Spring: remained

Reason: Mystic Spire works like Barracks, increased the number of pacts that could merge in one time. Only if you planned to use gems to speed up the merge, you need more Spires since more than 24 hours speed up use gems makes it more cost effective.

Since the original merge time is not that long as research and construction, adding merge speed does not really matter that much. Alternatively, to get exp for familiar is rather difficult especially for high level familiars.

We can’t speed up the tr…

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MusashiKorian MusashiKorian 15 June 2017


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Drjekyllfsa Drjekyllfsa 22 September 2016

consejos utiles

primero : tratar de ingresar a un gremio no importa el poder si es de poder gande mejor asi te protejes , pero generalmente sucede que los gremios poseen , unos requisitos de poder: 

1-- en el caso que accedas a un gremio si es un gremio de bajo poder, y son como loquitos atacan a cualquiera y contra cualquiera, te recomiendo que busques otro gremio.

si es un gremio pacifico, con muchas alianzas, vas a estar protejido y vas a poder crecer : aqui en wiki hay guias en la pagina hay guias respecto a como crecer, lo mas rapido posible, cazar mosntruos eso te da recursos, aceleradores, lo mas rapido posible tropas para recoger recursos, si son de lvl 3 o 4 mejor dependera de tu ubicacion, seguir las reglas del gremio, no enloquecerse si te atacan…

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MusashiKorian MusashiKorian 25 May 2016

Quick Tips.

Some simple tips for your might development:
Talent: Focus on the right side with construction, researching speed.
Then you fill the left side with training speed lv2 then lv1.
It will take you 46 level to fill all. Then you fill gathering speed.
Construction: Focus on bulding lv17 castle for t3 troop units.
Researching: Focus on Construction, gathering speed, wall hp, wall defend, energy recover, save energy; trap attack, cavalry, ranged, siege units attack, infantry, cavalry, ranged units defend, all unit hp.
Army: all t3 troop as much as you can.
Important: never waste time of construction, researching and training. You will gain at least 100k/day might under lv17 castle and at least 200k might/day above lv17 castle.
P/s: Remember save your sp…

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