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This Monster appears during special events such as Monster Alert!

Every 3 hours, 10 Bon Viveurs will spawn in random locations throughout the Kingdom Map. Bon Viveurs cost the same amount of energy to hunt as a Normal Level 1 Monster, but they have much higher health, and give large amounts of Speed Up Research, Holy Star and Gold items.

Info.png Monster Manual[]

DMG Type: Direct DMG

Strong Against: Physical and Magic

Weak Against: Beware! The Bon Vivuer will eat absolutely anything and everything! Take down this gluttonous monster before she devours us all!

Hero.png Hero Lineup[]

Unlike with regular Monsters, it is recommended to do as little damage as possible. This allows players to deal more hits, thus receive more Speed Up Research and Holy Star items overall.

Therefore, to maximize rewards, the player should:

  • Use only 1 hero of any type, preferably as low level as possible.
  • Use the DMG Boost (multiple-hit) option to avoid the incremental damage from multiple Hunts in a Row.
  • Avoid using Monster Hunter ATK Boost items, or using Equipment from the Hunter Set.

Reward.png Rewards[]

Speed Up Item Resource Chest
Research 3d

Research 24h

Research 15h

Research 8h

Research 3h

Holy Star 5,000

Holy Star 1,000

Holy Star 500

Holy Star 100

Gold 600K Alliance Chest.png
Killing Gift: The guild that lands the killing blow on the Bon Viveur will receive an Alliance Chest, which grants Guild Coins and 100 Guild Keys when each guild member opens it.
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