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Unlocks [Mythic] Equipment. Note that Blazing Embers are required to forge Mythic Equipment.

Upgrade Results/Requirements[]

Level Result Might Increase Required Original Time Technolabe
1 Unlocks Mythic Equipment 150,299 Academy: Lv. 19

Gold Storage II: Lv. 1

25d 19:07:00 1

Resource Requirements[]

Level Food Stone Wood Ore Gold
1 1,576,320 985,200 591,120 1,576,320 1,838,245
Military Command Research Tree
Excess SuppliesFood Storage

Stone StorageTimber StorageOre Storage

Gold Storage II

Stamina LimitBreakthroughShelter Expansion


Darknest InvasionDarknest Convention

Darknest Navigation

Max Deposit IIEnergy Limit III

Darknest DefenseDarknest OffenseDarknest Tenacity


Furious Defense IIFurious Durability II

Furious Offense II

Hidden Talent