I. Hero Management Edit

Tap the Helmet button to open Your Hero List

When an exclamation mark appears on this button, your Hero List needs your attention!

Home Turff

II. Hero List Edit

There are three tabs in the Hero List. The first tab displays Heroes you have and those that are available to recruit!

Hero Srceen

To learn more about Heroes you haven't recruited, your Medals collected, and Medal locations, visit the second tab!


You can manage Hero items and equipment on the third tab.

Useable Food

III. Hero Information Edit

Tap any Hero to learn more about them! There are three information tabs.

First Tab - Displays your Hero's equipment, Grade, Rank, and Medals.
Second Tab - Allows you to manage your Hero's skills.

Third Tab -  Lets you check the Hero's Attributes and background.

1. Hero Level, EXP, and MightEdit

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2. Hero ModelEdit

Hero Modal

The small symbol on the top left corner indicates your Hero's Rank.

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8

Symbol on the top right corner indicates your Hero's attribute type.

AGI Hero STR Hero INT Hero
AGI Hero
STR Hero
INT Hero

3. Name and TitleEdit

Each Hero can be equipped with up to six pieces of Equipment. By filling all six Equipment slots, you'll be able to Promote your Hero to a higher Rank!

Rank upgrade requirement

Find out what equipment your Hero needs and the amount of Command he or she will provide here!

Next rank requirement

Heroes ready for Promotion can be seen with an exclamation mark on their Rank! Tap the Rank to begin Promoting. Your Hero will be Promoted when the countdown timer reaches zero!

Rank up ready

Tap an Equipment slot to open the Equipment UI. Here you'll get a brief introduction of the item and how many you own. You can also fuse equipment from this screen!

Equipment ui

5. MedalsEdit

Collect Medals to enhance your Heroes. The higher the Grade of your Heroes, the more powerful they become!

Requirements Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
10 20 50 100 150

Tap here to find out where to find Medals!

Medal source


Obtain medals by battling the hero in the elite stages. You generally get a medal every 3 or so successive battles. So 10 medals will likely require you to battle the hero aprroximately 30 times!

1. Battle SkillsEdit

Each Hero has four Battle Skills.  The first skill only activates if the Hero is leading troops into battle. The other three are passive skills,which are further divided into administrative and logistic types.

Administrative - Skills grant permanent bonuses.
Logistic -  Skills grant battle bonuses.

2. LeadershipEdit

When a Hero is sent to battle, he or she can Command troops on your behalf, effectively increasing the total number of troops you may send to battle.

Heroes can only Command one specific troop type.

Battle Skill are classified into two types: Administration and Logistics

Administration refers to skills that take effect even though you do not include them in battle.

Logistics refers to skills which will only be applied when you include the hero in battle.

Battle Skills

3. Hero SkillsEdit

As mentioned before, each Hero has four Hero Skills The first skill is your Hero's Ultimate. Ultimates are extremely powerful and can only be activated when the Hero has enough MP. Tap the Hero's portrait to unleash its Ultimate on your foes!

The remaining skills are a mix of passive and active skills. Passive skills grant bonuses to the Hero or its allies while active skills can only be used by the Hero in combat.

Hero Skills

Apart from the Hero's back story, you can also view the its Attribute Growth rate. Tap here to view your Hero's Attributes!

Basic attributes

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