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Chests can be opened to obtain a variety of rewards. There are a myriad of different types of chests in the game, for a wide category of items.

List.png List of Chest Items[]

Bundle Chests[]

These chests can typically only be obtained through Special Bundles in the Mall.

Chest of Hasty Coaching.png Chest of Hasty Learning.png Chest of Hasty Merging.png
Chest of Hasty Coaching Chest of Hasty Learning Chest of Hasty Merging
Shiny Surprise.png Wishing Star.png Happy Hour.png
Shiny Surprise Wishing Star Happy Hour
Crafting Chest.png Anima Chest.png Gem Sphere.png
Crafting Chest Anima Chest Gem Sphere
Fortune Chest.png Chest of Splendor.png Ember Chest.png
Fortune Chest Chest of Splendor Ember Chest

Event Chests[]

These chests can only be obtained during holidays and Special Events.

Harvest Chest.png Chest of Echoes.png Allied Chest.png
Harvest Chest
Chest of Devotion
Refreshing Gift
Chest of Echoes Allied Chest
Sweet Gift
Auspicious Pouch.png Azure Chest.png Birthday Cake.png
Auspicious Pouch Azure Chest Birthday Cake
Blazing Chest.png Blooming Chest.png Bountiful Chest.png
Blazing Chest
Blooming Chest
New Year Chest
Bountiful Chest
Brilliant Chest.png Budding Hope.png Bunny Box.png
Brilliant Chest
Extraordinary Chest
Budding Hope Bunny Box
Chest of Holiday Cheer.png Classic Ball Case.png Fortune Ingot.png
Chest of Holiday Cheer Classic Ball Case Fortune Ingot
Fortune Packet.png Frosty Wonder.png Frozen Delight.png
Fortune Packet Frosty Wonder Frozen Delight
Gift of Appreciation.png Bouncy Chest.png Gilded Egg.png
Gift of Appreciation Bouncy Chest Gilded Egg
Golden Acorn.png Golden Fortune.png Harvest Box.png
Golden Acorn Golden Fortune
Click 'n' Glint
Red Packet
Harvest Box
IGG Birthday Box.png Legacy Chest.png Lunar Surprise.png
IGG Birthday Box Legacy Chest Lunar Surprise
Mother's Day Gift.png Mystical Egg.png Ornate Gold Chest.png
Mother's Day Gift Mystical Egg Ornate Gold Chest
Painted Nest.png Party Popper.png Petal Pouch.png
Painted Nest Party Popper Petal Pouch
Pot O' Plenty.png Radiant Chest.png Radiant Egg.png
Pot O' Plenty Radiant Chest Radiant Egg
Rosy Bundle.png Sapling.png Soulmate Chest.png
Rosy Bundle Sapling Soulmate Chest
Heart of Ice and Fire
Lovely Box
Sunshine Chest.png Sweet Delight.png Tempo Box.png
Sunshine Chest Sweet Delight Tempo Box
Trailblazer Chest.png Trick-or-Treat Chest.png Winter Stocking.png
Trailblazer Chest Trick-or-Treat Chest Winter Stocking
Winter Surprise.png Mystery Gift.png Lords Ball Case.png
Winter Surprise Mystery Gift Lords Ball Case
Chest of Pacts.png Exquisite Giftbag.png Alliance Chest.png
Chest of Pacts
Hoarder Loot
Exquisite Giftbag
Bewitched Bag
Alliance Chest
Summon Bonus.png Slayer Loot.png Dark Magister Chest.png
Summon Bonus
Crimson Chest
Slayer Loot
Chest of Power
Dark Magister Chest
Lightweaver Chest
Shape Shifter Chest
Fortune Chest.png Monstrous Chest.png Trophy63.png
Prosperity Chest
10th Anniversary Chest
Mischief Chest
Ornate Material Chest
Chest o' Plenty
Spectral Chest
Serpent Vizier Loot
Heroic Cask
Floral Chest.png Happy Hour.png Epic Hero Chest.png
Floral Chest Ornate Research Chest
Rush Hour
Ornate Gem Chest
Chest of Splendor.png Shiny Surprise.png Wishing Star.png
Gem Mayhem Tour Chest Starry Hoard
Prosperity Trove.png Gemtastic Chest.png Lucky Hero Chest.png
Prosperity Trove Gemtastic Chest Lucky Hero Chest
Saint Chest.png Sanctuary Chest.png
Saint Chest Sanctuary Chest

Misc Chests[]

VIP Chest.png Mystery Box.png Free Gift.png
VIP Quest
Daily Quest
Mystery Box Free Mall Chest
Unique Archaic TomeBookmark SpaceCabinet ExpanderCrystal PickaxeDevil's CapEmote StampEnergyEquipment QuillFinish DemolitionGold Discount CardGold HammerGravelHoly StarLicense to KillLuck TokenMonster Hunter ATK BoostName-Changer (NicknameGuildGuild Tag) • Power KeyQuest Scroll (Admin)Quest Scroll (Guild)Relocator (RandomMigration ScrollRoyal PassNovice Relocator) • Revival FruitSoul CrystalStar ScrollSteel CuffsTalent ResetTalent TomeTechnolabeVIP PointWar TomeWithdraw Squad
Resource Food (Boost) • Stone (Boost) • Timber (Boost) • Ore (Boost) • Gold (Boost) • Lunite (Luminous Gear) • AnimaPlayer EXP (Boost)
Speed Up Speed Up (ResearchHealingTrainingMergingWall RepairCrafting) • Travel BoostBuild BoostResearch BoostTraining BoostGather BoostPact Merging BoostWinged BootsMystic Carpet
Combat ShieldAnti-ScoutFalse InfoArmy ATK BoostArmy DEF BoostArmy Size BoostReduce Upkeep
Chest ChestHero ChestMaterial ChestJewel ChestMonster Chest
Currencies Event CurrenciesDragiteGemsGuild CoinsRoyal PointsFeudal PointsChalice Points
Hero Honeybaked HamLamb ChopsRoast TurkeyBraised BeefBraveheartMedalTrophy
Familiar Ancient CoreChaos CoreBright Talent OrbBrilliant Talent OrbFragmentEXP PotionEXP ElixirPactRuneSkillstone
Equipment EquipmentJewelSigilMaterialBlazing EmberChiselExtractor