During Code 66 Goblins, Krabbies, Evil Weevils, Totempests or Bouldurs spawn in the Kingdom every 3 hrs. Alongside these monsters, Animares sometimes also spawn.

Monster 1 Monsters Edit

The monsters that spawn during Code 66 are categorized as a One Hit Monsters. They will remain on the Kingdom Map for 2 hours and 55 minutes, or until they are killed. They can be killed with only 1 Hero, 1 Energy, 1 Hit and will drop 1 Loot item. Any hero in any level can be used for hunting them.

Reward Rewards Edit

Killing One Hit Monsters will not give Guild Gifts, but they do drop large amounts of resources when hit.

Animare Bouldur Evil Weevil Goblin Krabby Totempest
Anima Stone Food Gold Ore Timber

Bug Bugs Edit

Normal monsters may fail to spawn at the exact spawn times, when One Hit monsters are spawning simultaneously. Killing the One Hit monsters will improve the spawn rate of the Normal monsters.


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