Requirements : The structure only unlocks at level 10 castle.

Info : In the Colosseum you can do hero only based PVP battles ( no troops , gears or buffs involved ).

You need to have a defensive formation and an offensive formation.

Considering there is a counter hero for every hero, your defensive formation will be based mostly on luck. A good combination of the strongest heroes you have.
Colloseum Main Screen
The offensive formation will vary from fight to fight. In case you do not have a specific counter hero, you can "change" the available 3 enemy teams you can fight until you get a match that you think you can counter.    Battles are auto played out. This makes the battles a bit different than hero stages ( PVE ). If you valued crowd control and precisely timed heals, here you will value hero counters.
Colloseum Constellations
There is an active constellation that will say which hero types get buffed. This constellation changes every week. It is best to have as many as possible high level heroes to be able to pick constellation heroes which can turn the tides of the battle. At the beginning you will need to fight a lot of battles to figure out what plays well against what. How many tanks you need. Do you need physical or magical defense or offense. You plan to out survive enemy burst ? You plan to use damage over time, burst, crowd control, outheal, plan on ultimates, out tank, are of effect damage .. After many many fights you will know your enemy and you will know the bet defensive response to it so that you will outlive your opponent.
Colloseum RankingReward
If you reach a certain rank in the colloseum, you will receive gems every 3 hours. For reaching and keeping rank 5000 in the colloseum, you will get 80 gems each day ( 10 gems every 3 hours ).


Positioning your heros is an importart element of colloseum battles as you cannot effect their ults and movements in battle. You will notice that certain heros attack other heros, while ignoring others. Some tanks completely focus on frontline while some run to the back to rescue your prima donna. 

Good hero combinations :

You probably want a tank, a stunner, a sniper, an assassin and a healer. 
Colloseum PeriodicRevard
Sometimes one hero fits into more than 1 role. 
  • Rose Knight, Tracker, Demon Slayer, Trickster, Black Crow
  • Rose Knight, Child of light, Demon Slayer, Trickster, Black Crow
  • Rose Knight, Tracker, Demon Slayer, Prima Donna, Trickster
Colloseum reviewBattles
Bad hero combinations :

Prima donna will most of the time heal at the end of the fight. If you have a better healer, use that instead.

Scarlet bolt is too close to the front line and most of the time dies too fast

Counter heroes

More to come soon!

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