In the Colosseum players can send a team of five Heroes to battle against other players in the same Kingdom. Battles in the Colosseum are auto played out, and leaving the Colosseum during a battle has no effect. The Colosseum unlocks at Castle level 10.

Players start out at the bottom of the Rankings, around 25,000, and can move up, by challenging other players. When players defeat another player of a higher ranking, they will exchange rankings with that player.

There are two different Hero Formations in the Colosseum. The Defense Formation will be used automatically when other players challenge the Heroes. The Defending team has a slight advantage, so if two teams of equal strength battle, the Defending team will win.

The Offense Formation is used when the player challenges other players, and can be changed before every battle. The Might, Grade and Rank of Heroes being used will contribute to their strength in the Colosseum. The Colosseum is also influenced by Constellations that change periodically and may help or hurt Heroes depending on the requirements.

There are five free entries daily in the Colosseum, and players can use Gems to get additional entries. The Adult Skill of the Familiar Bonehead will also provide 3-10 additional entries every 1-2 days, depending on the skill level. Players can change their opponent list at no cost.

When a player leaves a Kingdom, their position in the ranking will be replaced by a NPC named the Guard. These will typically have a very low team might compared to the other players in that ranking. Players will start at the bottom of the rankings, if they migrate to a new Kingdom.  

Reward Rewards Edit

Gems will be earned every three hours depending on the Colosseum ranking.

Box TipsEdit

  • Players should try not to pick opponents higher level than they are, as the chance of winning is low. 
  • Rose Knight can Tank, Heal, Protect and Stun, so she is often used in the Colosseum.
  • Defense Formation for Free Heroes: Rose Knight, Prima Donna, Tracker, Death Knight and Demon Slayer
  • Offense and Defense Formation for Free Heroes: Rose Knight, Tracker, Trickster, Prima Donna and Black Crow

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