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Darknests are NPC Castles. They spawn in random locations throughout all Kingdoms, in five (six once the kingdom's protection phase is over) different levels, and last for 24 hours, matching the cycle of the 24h Challenge. Darknests can be rallied by members of the same Guild, to obtain Dark Essence. Rally length can be set to either 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. A minimum of two players are required to partake in the rally. If the Captain is the only player in the rally, it will automatically be cancelled and the rally Captain will receive a system message stating:

My Lord, the rally against the Lv.X Darknest has been canceled! Either because not enough allies joined the rally, or our troops lost track of the target. A shameful display!

Darknests differ from ordinary Castles in a few aspects:

  • Scouting and rallying a Darknest does not deactivate shields, or activate Battle Fury. The same applies for joining a Darknest rally.
  • Victory against a Darknest does not reward any player EXP.
  • Failing to defeat a Darknest will cause it to revert to its original state before the attack.
  • In a Darknest Battle, 99% of the player Troops are unharmed and 1% are wounded. This is shown by the additional text in the Battle Report stating:
    The goddess is pleased with your efforts. Many of the wounded and dead have been saved!

Kingdom Overview.png Darknest Locations[]

There are six Darknest levels, which spawn in different areas on the Kingdom Map, corresponding to the Resource Tile areas.

  • Lv. 1 Darknests can be found in Lv. 1, 2 and 3 areas.
  • Lv. 2 and 3 Darknests can be found in Lv. 1, 2, 3 and 4 areas.
  • Lv. 4 Darknests can be found in Lv. 2, 3 and 4 areas.
  • Lv. 5 Darknests can be found in Lv. 4 and 5 areas.
  • Lv. 6 Darknests can be found in Lv. 4 and 5 areas.

Darknest Might.png Darknest Leaders[]

Tapping on a Darknest will reveal the Leader, Might and Countdown Timer. The coordinates can be also shared in chat from this window.

Players can scout the Darknest, to obtain a detailed troop composition and reveal the Dark Essence level without igniting battle fury or dropping their shield. On occasion, the Darknest will be equipped with Anti-Scout, and the Scout Report will only reveal the Dark Essence level. The troop composition in a Darknest will often correlate with the Darknest Leader.

Level 5 and 6 Darknests will also have Familiars with Army Talents active, which also correlate with the troop composition. These should only have T3, T4 and or T5 troops sent otherwise moral drops very quickly.


Unknown DN.png Inf DN 2.png Inf DN 3.png Inf DN 5.png Inf DN 6.png Inf DN 7.png Inf DN 8.png Inf DN 4.png
Inf DN 9.png Inf DN 10.png Inf DN 11.png Inf DN 12.png Inf DN 14.png Inf DN 15.png Inf DN 16.png


Range DN 1.png Range DN 2.png Range DN 3.png Range DN 4.png Range DN 5.png Range DN 6.png Range DN 7.png Range DN 9.png
Range DN 8.png Range DN 10.png Range DN 11.png Range DN 12.png Range DN 13.png Inf DN 1.pngInf DN 13.png


Cav DN 4.png Cav DN 5.png Cav DN 3.png Cav DN 10.png Cav DN 9.png Cav DN 1.png Cav DN 2.pngCav DN 6.png
Cav DN 12.png Cav DN 15.png Cav DN 13.png Cav DN 14.png Cav DN 11.png Cav DN 8.png Cav DN 7.png

Siege Engine (not leader)[]

Siege DN.png

Reward.png Rewards[]

Eye.png Main article: Transmutation Lab

Dark Essence can be transmuted in the Transmutation Lab, to obtain a random reward.




Essence Level



1 1-2 White
2 3-6 Green (3-5)
Blue (6)
3 6-10 Blue (6-9)
Purple (10)
4 10-15 Purple (10-14)
Gold (15)
5 15-25 Gold
6 26-28 Orange

When searching for a specific Essence Level, the Darknest Might can be used as a guide. If the Darknest is Anti-Scout, the essence level is 1 higher than normal. This is useful for completing the Guildfest quest for Essence Level 19+. The table below provides the Essence Level for some Level 5 Darknests. (Press Expand to view)





60,860,696 14
62,694,312 13
87,859,792 15
89,690,232 14
95,406,600 15
99,102,752 15
100,717,684 14
105441812 21
106809976 17
107062692 21
107222820 19
108482292 18
108610788 18
108829300 22
108859464 20
109559752 16
109568440 23
110008140 20
112971776 17
113246168 16
113650000 24
114314948 23
114753112 19
115538256 17
115878916 24
118039296 15
118252028 16
118691080 22
118946384 21
119750284 18
122624148 24
122355576 19
124677740 20
127417376 15
127625908 18
128946644 16
131363700 24
137211844 21
140527524 16
141965064 17
142017464 21
142373164 20
142778788 22
144096204 18
144400064 22
154253596 24
161476696 17
187375000 22

Tips.png Tips[]

The 8 hour Darknest rallies are usually only used to hide troops from opponents, as they can't be attacked when they are in the rally. These are called "Fake" or "Ghost" rallies. This tactic is however not accepted in many Guilds, as it has a number of drawbacks:

  • The Darknest may be defeated by other players, causing the rally to be cancelled and all troops will return to their turf.
  • Other Guild members may accidentally join the fake rally.
  • Other Guild members may oversee real Darknest rallies, because the Guild icon is flashing non-stop.

Trivia.png Trivia[]

Darknests were added to the Kingdoms during the update Darknest Rising on January 24th, 2017.

Bug.png Bugs[]

When tapping on a Darknest, the Might number will sometimes be shown as 0. If the player waits a few seconds, and taps on the nest again, the actual Might will be displayed.

Overlord.png Kingdom

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