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I am pleased to offer you an application for the equipment/jewels selection, talents calculation, heroes search.

Google play: Dressing room - Lords Mobile

App store: Dressing Room for lords mobile

- Equipment search by several parameters;

- Selection of alternative equipment and the ability to compare parameters;

- Army parameters accounting;

- Common resulting parameters of equipment/talents/jewels/heroes;

- Ordinary/donation equipment/jewels/heroes separation;

- Jewels: finding the best, coloring, locking, saving/loading;

- Heroes. finding the best by skills filter, coloring, locking, saving/loading;

- Talent calculator: unlocking any talent (not only the next one), rapid filling of talents by filter, saving/loading;

- Counting of Accelerations/Energy/Stars.

- Troop Training Calculator.

- Academy;

- Familiars.

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Screenshot 2020-02-04-19-45-36
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Screenshot 2020-02-04-19-48-46
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