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Equipment, commonly known as Gear, are items worn by the player's Leader to provide useful boosts.

Overview Edit

Equipment Types
Helmet Armor Legs
Helmet Armor Legs
Main-hand Off-hand Accessory
Main-hand Off-hand Accessory
Equipment Grades
Common Common
Uncommon Uncommon
Rare Rare
Epic Epic
Legendary Legendary
Mythic Mythic

Materials are used to forge and upgrade equipment in the Workshop. Players have a total of 8 slots for equipment, including 3 Accessory slots. There are 6 types of equipment, shown on the right table. Equipment can be upgraded with materials to increase the boosts they give; each equipment grade is shown to the left. Note that the Breakthrough research and Blazing Embers are required to upgrade equipment to Mythic grade.

Note Note: Your Leader must be Deployed for Battle Stats to be active.

Equipment sets can easily be changed by using the Quick Swap feature. Research to unlock more Quick Swap slots. Equipment Quills are required to save each new Quick Swap set.

Equipment can have their stats further boosted with the use of jewels and sigils.

List of Equipment Edit

No SetEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/No_Set

Sacred SetEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Sacred_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Blackwing_Set

Bon AppetiEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Bon_Appeti_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Champion_Set

Emperor Edit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Emperor_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Frostwing_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Gargantua_Set

Grim ReaperEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Grim_Reaper_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Gryphon_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Hardrox_Set

Hell DriderEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Hell_Drider_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Hunter_Set

Jade WyrmEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Jade_Wyrm_Set

Mecha TrojanEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Mecha_Trojan_Set

Mega MaggotEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Mega_Maggot_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Noceros_Set

Queen BeeEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Queen_Bee_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Saberfang_Set

Snow BeastEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Snow_Beast_Set

Steampath Edit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Steampath_Set


Eye Main article: Equipment/Terrorthorn_Set

Tidal TitanEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Tidal_Titan_Set

Voodoo ShamanEdit

Eye Main article: Equipment/Voodoo_Shaman_Set

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