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Eye.png Not to be confused with the Gear research tree

Equipment, commonly known as Gear, are items worn by the player's Leader to provide useful boosts.

Equipment.png Overview[]

Equipment Types
Helmet.png Armor.png Legs.png
Helmet Armor Legs
Main-hand.png Off-hand.png Accessory.png
Main-hand Off-hand Accessory
Equipment Grades
Common.png Common Common Equipment.png
Uncommon.png Uncommon Uncommon Equipment.png
Rare.png Rare Rare Equipment.png
Epic.png Epic Epic Equipment.png
Legendary.png Legendary Legendary Equipment.png
Mythic.png Mythic Mythic Equipment.png

Materials are used to forge and upgrade equipment in the Workshop. Players have a total of 8 slots for equipment. There are 6 equipment types with the accessory slot allowing for a combination of up to 3 items (once the Workshop is upgraded to lvl25).

Equipment can be upgraded with materials to increase the boosts they give. These are obtained through the collection of resource tiles, the opening of chests and monster hunting

Grades range from Common to Legendary. Once you have researched Breakthrough and received Blazing Embers equipment can be upgraded to Mythic grade.

Note.png Note: Your Leader must be Deployed for Battle Stats to be active.

Equipment sets can easily be changed by using the Quick Swap feature. By default (since November 2020) there are Construction and Research set helpers (provided if you have the crafted gear) to provide the highest given boost. These can not be manually edited..

Research is required to unlock more Quick Swap slots and Equipment Quills are required to save each new Quick Swap set.

Equipment can have their stats further boosted with the inlay / use of jewels and sigils.

List.png List of Equipment[]

Click on a Set below to view all equipment from that Set.

Blackwing Set.png
Blackwing Set
Bon Appeti Set.png
Bon Appeti Set
Champion Set.png
Champion Set
Cottageroar Set.png
Cottageroar Set
Frostwing Set.png
Frostwing Set
Gargantua Set.png
Gargantua Set
Grim Reaper Set.png
Grim Reaper Set
Gryphon Set.png
Gryphon Set
Hardrox Set.png
Hardrox Set
Hell Drider Set.png
Hell Drider Set
Hootclaw Set.png
Hootclaw Set
Hunter Set.png
Hunter Set
Jade Wyrm Set.png
Jade Wyrm Set
Mecha Trojan Set.png
Mecha Trojan Set
Mega Maggot Set.png
Mega Maggot Set
Necrosis Set.png
Necrosis Set
Noceros Set.png
Noceros Set
Queen Bee Set.png
Queen Bee Set
Saberfang Set.png
Saberfang Set
Snow Beast Set.png
Snow Beast Set
Steampath Set.png
Steampath Set
Terrorthorn Set.png
Terrorthorn Set
Tidal Titan Set.png
Tidal Titan Set
Gawrilla Set.png
Gawrilla Set
Voodoo Shaman Set.png
Voodoo Shaman Set

Special Sets[]

These equipment are not categorized into official Sets, but can still be grouped together based on their attributes.

Lost Island's Relic.png No Set
For equipment forged mainly from gathered materials, also sometimes labelled as F2P Gear.
Sacred Badge.png Sacred Set
For "Sacred" Gear, obtained either through Special Bundles or Allied Voyage quests.
Emperor.png Emperor Set
Highly powerful equipment earned through victory in the Battle Royal.
Sagittarius Helmet.png Sagittarius Set
For equipment available during the Saint Seiya collaboration event.

Gallery.png Gallery[]

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Chest ChestHero ChestMaterial ChestJewel ChestMonster Chest
Currencies Event CurrenciesDragiteGemsGuild CoinsRoyal PointsFeudal PointsChalice Points
Hero Honeybaked HamLamb ChopsRoast TurkeyBraised BeefBraveheartMedalTrophy
Familiar Ancient CoreChaos CoreBright Talent OrbBrilliant Talent OrbFragmentEXP PotionEXP ElixirPactRuneSkillstone
Equipment EquipmentJewelSigilMaterialBlazing EmberChiselExtractor

Points.png Gameplay

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