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Familiar.png For information on individual familiars, see: Familiar.

The Familiars Research Tree unlocks Pacts 2 through 4, and other Turf and Familiar-related Boosts.

All researches in this tree require Anima in addition to the usual resources.

Available Research[]

Anima Harvesting.png

Anima Harvesting I

Merging Cost (Pact 1).png

Merging Cost (Pact 1)

Food Harvesting.png

Food Harvesting II

Gym Training.png

Gym Training I

Pact 2.png

Pact 2

Stone Harvesting.png

Stone Harvesting II

Timber Harvesting.png

Timber Harvesting II

Metal Harvesting.png

Metal Harvesting II

Anima Storage.png

Anima Storage I

Pact Merging Speed.png

Pact Merging Speed I

Merging Cost (Pact 2).png

Merging Cost (Pact 2)

Pact 3.png

Pact 3

Anima Harvesting.png

Anima Harvesting II

Gold Harvesting.png

Gold Harvesting II

Gym Membership.png

Gym Membership I

Gym Training.png

Gym Training II

Anima Storage.png

Anima Storage II

Pact Merging Speed.png

Pact Merging Speed II

Merging Cost (Pact 3).png

Merging Cost (Pact 3)

Pact 4.png

Pact 4

Skillstone Merging Speed.png

Skillstone Merging Speed I

Durable Wards.png

Durable Wards

Merging Cost (Pact 4).png

Merging Cost (Pact 4)

Skill EXP Boost.png

Skill EXP Boost

Trivia.png Trivia[]

  • The Familiars Research Tree was added to game following the 13th December 2017 maintenance.
  • Total Research time:18028d 14h 20m

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