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During the Feudal War, players can earn Feudal Points by killing Tier 4 and Tier 5 Troops in District Wonder Battles. Players can use a Relocator to participate. The District Wonders are located in K: 71, arranged throughout the map.

The commander who occupies the District Wonder for the longest time will be proclaimed the victor and become the Baron. Wonders will be owned by the Rally commander instead of the Guild leader.

  • Only players with Lv 25 Castles can participate in the event.
  • Players must be in a Guild to participate.
  • This event in not available in protected Kingdoms.

Points.png Feudal Treasury[]

Kill Tier 4 and above troops in District Wonder battles to earn points. Troops sent to the Infirmary do not count.

Tier 4 1 Point
Tier 5 2 Points

Feudal Points can be exchanged for items in the Feudal Treasury after the event has ended. Leftover points will remain for the next Feudal War.

Item Cost
Royal Cavalry Jewel.png Royal Cavalry Jewel (Common) 120,000 points
Royal Infantry Jewel.png Royal Infantry Jewel (Common) 120,000 points
Royal Ranged Jewel.png Royal Ranged Jewel (Common) 120,000 points

Reward.png Rewards[]

First Place
Baron's Hoard Baron.png Baron's Authority

A special Legendary Jewel

Gem.png 500,000

Gold.png 300,000,000

The Baron's captured prisoners cannot be pardoned by the Overlord

Issue District Titles

Honor and reward guild mates:

  • Glory Chest.png Chest of Fortitude - Stand tall in the face of adversity!
    • Grants: Speed Up 30 days x2, and 50K Gems
  • Valor Chest.png Chest of Wisdom - The mightiest weapon is a sound strategy!
    • Grants: Gold 6M x10, and 50K Gems
  • Honor Chest.png Chest of Gratitude - You're a true team player!
    • Grants: Holy Stars 10K x5, Energy 20K x25
Second Place Third Place
A special Epic Jewel 2 special Rare Jewels
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