A Guide By: ADB-Agoni Edit

1-Farm account

Farm alt account are the most common and by far a most have if you want to grow fast without having to ask rss to your guild mate.

Refer to my other guide here for more information on how mono rss farm work


Bank are more rare but they still common. Having an alt account bank enable to store your extra resource and resource you gather in war from enemy. Bank need to be shielded 24h/24h so you need to upgrade your treasure trove at max level and spend ALL the gem of this account on shield to protect your resource.Also make sure to hunt everyday because you can drop shield on monster.

3-Meatshield account

Meatshield account are super rare, I never seen one except mine. Meatshield account are really easy to make and use. All you have to do is unlock T3 Infantry, make 200k troop and 200k infirmary space. Now you can reinforce yourself and absorb attack with this account, troop will never die because you don't attack with the account so you always have an extra 200k troop. You can also use it for rally and wonders but if you do these 2 option you will lose some troop but its an alt account these troop are not important .

4-Gifting account/Gem farm

This one seem to be really rare but i don't know if it really is because we cant see them. These account are really simple but cost money. All you have to do is to buy a 99.99$ pack and upgrade treasure trove to lvl 9 and then give you monthly gem gift.This can help you to achieve T4 faster.

99.99$ pack give 32k gem Treasure Trove lvl 9 cost 5000 pickaxe = 70k gem to upgrade lvl 9

You have 32k gem and you want to have maximum gem possible.  (you will have more with maintenance, arena, guild gift... but in this scenario lets say you only have these 32k) If you spend 14k gem on pickaxe (don't buy other pack they are worthless and don't buy more, you need to put gem in treasure trove) you will receive 1k pickaxe, with these you can upgrade you treasure up to level 7 for a total of 600 pickaxe (need castle lvl 23) Then you will receive 13,8k gem monthly.

Upgrade your treasure trove when you can, here the castle level requirement and pickaxe cost for the treasure trove upgrade. You can also upgrade your max deposit with research but they are really hard to get so its useless.

Level Pickaxes Needed Bonus Interest Rate Castle Lvl Required Profit
1             0                    0%                          Castle 17             8,712 Gem
2 5     1%       Castle 18       9,030 Gem
3 25     2%       Castle 19       9,570 Gem
4 55     3%       Castle 20       10,560 Gem
5 75     4%       Castle 21       11,570 Gem
6 145     5%       Castle 22       12,600 Gem
7 295     7%       Castle 23       13,800 Gem
8 900     12%       Castle 24       15,520 Gem
9 3000     20%       Castle 25       21,000 Gem

At treasure trove lvl 7, you start to have profit after 3 month 13,8k gem x 3 = 41,4k gem which you can gift to your main instead of having brought a 100$ pack on your main account (yes i know 100$ pack have a lot of thing in it, not just gem but this farm you will have it forever)

What you can gift with these gem?
Speed up! Lots of speed up, I recommend waiting to have 40k gem and then send to your main account a 30d speed boost.

Here the price of the best gift and their cost

1 Day 1,5k Gem
3 Day 4,4k Gem
7 Day 10k Gem
30 Day 40k Gem
1 Steel cuff 15 Gem
1 War tome 15 Gem
1 soul Crystal 15 Gem
1 Relocator 1,5k Gem
Army size 50% 5k Gem

5-Scout (Super good for KvK)

Sometime you want to farm a hive or some enemy at a spot, they are far and you don't want to waste a relocator and don't want to wait the scout time or don't want to warn the enemy. Having an alt account scout is a good way to have an average idea of the enemy army size without having to spend anything. (normally i use castle under level 5 for the 3 free relocator and to not be seen as a danger)

6-Tracking alt

You can use an alt for track an enemy with a fake rally of 8h to make sure to know his location if he teleport, I usually use the same alt as the scout.

7-Spy (Best tool for war)

Spies are more common than what you think... Spies are really useful in war to know if the strong enemy player are connected, to have secret plan, to steal rss, detect trap account ,start war in the enemy guild to make your guild new ally... Most of top guild use spy that why they can do huge attack without being hit by the enemy strong player. Having a spy can do the difference of a victory or a defeat in war. Always keep in mind that your guild can be spied on. To counter spy you need to always talk about your plan at last minute, not accepting everyone in the guild and to make a R4 chat on line or wegamer but sometime spy can even be R4...

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