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This guide is to create an alt account to be able to produce gold for your main castle, support it with troops (If desired). you can make 2 or 3 of these because they take the same time to construct. (just a bit more of time at the beginning but they will be self sustained soon enough). This guide is mainly based on F2P with a few cash involved that is a bonus but not necessary.

I do apologize for not including any pictures, I believe most people that work on alt castles will know most of the things I am talking about. I may include pictures later on if I find time on my agenda. Hope you appreciate it as it is and enjoy it.


The main talents that are to be focused are:

Construction 1

Research 1

Construction 2

Research 2

then you jump to

Gold production 3

Gold production 2

Gold production 1

all in a descending order. The reason to do it this way to to focus the first steps into building your turf, that is why you need to max construction and research first. 

**Since gold production takes a while to get going, you can spend points in resource productions to help build your turf and then buy a talent reset using guild coins to get back to gold**

also remember this build is not focused on the left side on the talent tree because is not military.

Resource Buildings

There are 18 tiles in a turf. 4 of those are used to build 1 of each (because other buildings require you to upgrade one of them). the other 14 can be constructed differently depending on the type of game you decide to play.

If you have a main (which this alt account is relying on) that supply you resources, you can either forget about tiles or focus on the one type of resource your main is the weakest on. 

Some people also prefer to focus an alt to produce the resource that is most intensive to produce troops for main turf.

since you talent points are allocated mainly in gold production, you will not have much points to distribute at early stage. however, at higher levels it is possible to make a decent resource production on top of the gold production.


the main focus for this built is the manors. focus to build 15 manors and 1 infirmary and 1 barrack (they are needed to level up castle). 

there are 2 ways you can approach the construction. 

1 - Build whatever the castle requires you to level up and get castle 25 as soon as possible or

2 - upgrade all your manors to your castle level and then upgrade castle. (this method will keep you off the radar of attackers for some time)

furthermore, always upgrade your academy to the highest you can because of the research bonus it offers. it will save you a lot of time on research. and also keep your trading post at high as you can to reduce the tax and be able to send more gold to your main castle.


At early stages, you want to work on the Economy tree on the academy. Research in order:

Construction speed

Vault management

Stone harvesting

Timber Harvesting

Metal Harvesting

Food Harvesting

get them all to at least 7 as soon as possible to have a self sustain turf. you can work on your construction speed to 9 if you desire to. is not needed but it is a must after level 20 manors.

after you have all these at level 7 then you can start moving to the Army Leadership tree. I believe you need Academy lv 18 to start this tree so you have time to work on your economics first. before you move into this tree, it is advised to also have already crafted some gear I will explain below and player level 40.

you can also spare time to research the monster hunt tree and research Monster hunt 4. hunting level 4 monster will give you gems, shields, resources and can help you build better gear too. It also provides a lot of speed ups that can help you grow other areas of the turf too. 


The gear I will list requires a bit of money for some equipment that are not a must but it will boost your gold production. 

Main Hand - There are no gear  that boost gold production and i do not recommend you to build any gear for this slot because you will need the materials for other useful gears. remember this is not build to attack.

Off hand - Gryphon's Talon is the best for this slot. giving you 35% gold production + 17.5% construction speed at legendary level, but the beauty is this gear is F2T. no need for cash.

Helm - Helm of Conquest, you need level 35 and it gives you 26.5% at legendary level. it is F2P.

Chest - There are no gold F2P gear but there is a decent P2P chest. the Lighting Guard (Rhino). you need to pay for this piece but having it in normal (free drops if you are lucky) or green is quite cheap to obtain and helps your gold production. if not just build a research chest piece that will help you too.

Boots - Dwarven toe guard, level 17, F2P. it gives you 16% gold production.

Accessory - you need to build 2 of each of these and a third one of each once you get castle 25 and you obtain Forge lv 25 to equip the third gear.

Crystal Tear - F2P - lv 17 - 22.5% gold production 

Lunar Flute - F2P - lv 40 -  26% Research Speed

Sentinel's Circlet - F2P - lv 40 -  25% Construction Speed.

all this 3 stats are for legendary grade and is individual so you going to double that stats or triple depending on your level.

DO NOT BUILD any other gear because you will be wasting your materials. 

The strategy to get material for this build is to rely on guild coins and buy material chest. you can train some T1 troops to gather for materials but this will seriously harm your food production (because you only have 1 farm).

There are other gear that are better for gold production like the Drums and frost wings breath. However, it cost a lot to get them to higher level so only do so if you can afford them. the main purpose for this build is to use F2P gear and the chest for a few extra gold % for a cheap price. there are no F2P chest piece that produces gold.

Main Focus & Strategy

The main focus for this build is to produce gold. the gold MUST be transferred to your main account to give space to your turf to keep producing. Avoid attacking this turf with your main account to get the gold because it will charge you 25% tax for it. where as, if you transfer, you can get tax reduction from the trading post.

also transfer the other resources you are producing too if you focused on only one to produce more or any surplus resources.

you do NOT build troops here to keep the might down and avoid attackers. lower might and higher level indicate not much going on and is good to keep it that way. another reason you do not build troops is because you do not have infirmaries to protect them so you will lose them if you get attacked. the main point of this build is to be self sustain and not pay much attention to it. you could however build troops if you desire to reinforce your main castle. This will take a lot of research time however so its not recommended.

Always buy the gold production and resource production using guild coins to increase your production. always buy the 7 days because you get more for your money. it is cheap to buy with guild coins so do not forget!

I do recommend to buy the Captain package from the trading boat whenever you see decent deals. they will really help you grow faster for a price that is cheaper than a coffee!


Focus on getting Trickster and get it to about Rare grade (Blue), then focus to get Soul Forger for gold production and get it to Legendary level as soon as possible. it is the best way to produce gold. after you have him legendary, focus on Trickster to legendary for its research and monster hunt abilities. Remember that you do not need to set the hero as your leader to get the bonuses. avoid putting Soul forger as your leader because people will realize you are a gold production turf and attack more often.

Shelter you leader all the time to avoid people capturing it. You lose a lot of production while you do not have your leader. Do not pay ransom for it if its too high even if you can afford it and you can produce it quick. if you do, players will always look out for you because they would know you can afford it. act poor and no one will attack you often.


PS: Keep yourself off the radar and you will have this turf working in no time! Some of my turf produce over 540k gold per hour with this instructions and it can benefit your guild and yourself when it comes to expensive research. people also tend to buy gold for other resources and speed ups. keep an eye on them!

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