A Guide by: Rand Cypher

There are generally speaking three ways to complete quests during Guild Fest, which can of course, be combined:

  1. Spend Time playing Lords Mobile
  2. Spend Money
  3. Use saved Items. See Guild Fest Preparation, for a list of items which can be used.

Easy Guild Fest Quests

The following is a short list of easy to complete Guild Fest quests, for players in Beginner and Intermediate Gauntlet.

Easy Quests: Take Time

  • Get Dark Essence: +104, +134 points
  • Gather Food, Timber, Stone, Ore or Gold: +115, +143 points
  • Gather Resources: +122 , +152 points
  • Send help to your guildmates: +91, +106, +137 points
  • Win Darknest Coalition battles (Rally Captain only): +81, +117, +153 points
  • Open Mystery Boxes: +98, +139 points

Easy Quests: Cost Money

  • Purchase Special Bundles: +119, +133, +157 points

Easy Quests: Use Items

  • Cargo Ship Trades: +102, +117, +146 points
  • Increase Might (Hero Armies): +97, +145 points
  • Spend Gems: +84, +95, +110, +141 points
  • Spend Guild Coins: +82, +101, +138 points

Quests to Avoid

Low Point Quests

  • Avoid all quests under 100 points, unless they are mentioned above.

All these quests give very low points, compared to other quests, when considering the amount of time and items needed to complete them:

  • Complete VIP Quests
  • Forge Equipment
  • Research Tech
  • Gather Food, Timber, Stone, Ore, Gold or Resources: +119 points
  • Purchase Special Bundles: +100 points

Other Quests to Avoid

All these quests require items, which are also needed for different quests, other Events or fighting:

  • Colosseum Battles
  • Complete Admin and Guild Quests
  • Complete Phase 3 (Hell and Solo Events)
  • Complete Hero Stages
  • Heal Wounded Soldiers
  • Hit monsters
  • Increase Might*
  • Supply
  • Time reduced using Speed Ups
  • Train Soldiers
  • Use Holy Stars
  • Use Speed Ups

*Note: Except Increase Might (Hero Armies) quests.


  • Don’t rush to complete all quests at once, pace yourself.
  • Make sure you know what a quest requires before you click it, because once you select it, you are stuck with it.
  • For Send Help quests, ask a guild mate to spam helps, by upgrading a low level resource building and cancelling the upgrade, multiple times.
  • If all mystery boxes are opened as soon as the timer counts down, the average time to open 40 boxes, is 28 hrs.
  • For Spend Guild Coin quests, purchase Migration Scrolls or Rare Jewel Chests in the Guild Shop.

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