How to Create a Hyper Gold Farm Edit

This guide will tell you the steps to creating your very own hyper gold farm. First, let's ask why we would go through the process of building up another account for the sole purpose of creating gold. The answer is, "Gold is valuable." Yes, not only do you need billions of gold to max out your research, but you can also trade the gold you create for speedups that other P2P players can gift you.


Agenda Edit

This is the list of things I will be going over in this guide:

  • Talents
  • Building Process
  • Research Process
  • Gear
  • Heroes
  • Guild Coins

Talents Edit

Talents should not be overlooked, even when making an alternate account. Initially, the focus of your farm should be to build up all buildings and then slowly progress to just upgrading the bare minimum to upgrade the castle, along with your manors, of course. In this case, you will want to max out Construction I and Construction II along with Research I and Research II. After these talents are maxed, you will move onto gold production talents, starting with the highest and going to the lowest: You will want to max out Gold Production III (+288% Gold Production), Gold Production II (+48% Gold Production), and Gold Production I (+32% Gold Production). Any remaining talents can be distributed however you want.

Building and Research Edit

You will want to prioritize Manors above all other buildings to maximize your gold/hour. Therefore, you will only want one infirmary and one barracks. You will only be training the necessary troops for beating skirmishes before they're dismissed. Initially, you will want to develop your resource buildings in order to maintain the necessary resources for upgrading buildings without having to gather, this includes manors. You will want to focus your research on the economy tree at first for the same reasons as the resource buildings. At a certain point (~Level 6, ~Level 7) you can move on to the Army Leadership research tree; in this tree you can research Gold Harvesting I (+70% Gold Production at level 10) and Gold Storage I (+30% Max Gold Storage at level 10). This research tree requires a level 17 Academy. After your resource buildings are decently upgraded, you can focus more on your castle, manors, and academy. *You can upgrade the Trading Post, but it is unnecessary; it will only decrease the supply tax when you are sending resources from the gold farm to your main account. This is an important step as every time you send gold to your main, it will give room for your farm to create more gold.

Gear Edit

This is the gear you will be creating in order to maximize the amount of gold you can create in the shortest amount of time. There is no main hand gear piece that improves gold production.

Helm: Helmet of Conquest Lvl 35 Edit

This helm increases your gold production rate by 26.5%. It takes one amber (found in rocks), one logs (found in woods), and one minerals (found in rich vein) per level.

Chest: Lightning Guard Lvl 45 Edit

This chest (armor) requires lightning vials. This armor increases your gold production rate by 50%. It takes one lightning vial, two crackling hide, and four electric horn per level.

Legs: Dwarven Toe Guard Lvl 17 Edit

These boots increase your gold production rate by 16%. It takes one amber (found in rocks), one lava mud (found in rocks), and one vines (found in fields) per level.

Offhand: Gryphon's Talon Lvl 45 Edit

This offhand increases your gold production rate by 35%. It takes two gryphon egg and two gryphon quill per level.

Accessory: Ancient Hourglass Lvl 27 Edit

This accessory increases your gold production rate by 22.5%. It takes one coal (found in rich vein) and one amber (found in rocks).


Heroes Edit

Heroes are fairly straightforward. The golden trio alone with Soul Forger should be focused on. Soul Forger when at gold/legendary will increase your gold production rate by 150%. After you have a Gold Soul Forger, start getting medals for Trickster, Scarlet Bolt, and Sage of Storms, in that order.

Guild Coins Edit

It is important that you find a guild to join with your hyper gold farm. Obviously, the best guild would be the one that your main is in, but if this isn't currently possible, you can join any guild that has active players. This is to help you build up guild coins in order to purchase boosts to your production and Rare Material Chests. You can purchase a Gold Boost (25%) for 24 hours for 9,000 guild coins, or you can purchase Gold Boost (25%) for 7 days for 38,300 guild coins. You can purchase rare material chests for 9,900 guild coins per chest. The purpose of the gold boost is very straightforward, and the material chests are to obtain the required materials for crafting gear with minimal gathering.

And there you have it! Everything you really need in order to kickstart your very own hyper gold farm. Some final notes to take into consideration: keep your might low. Do not attract attention to your farm or else people will start hitting it in order to get the gold for free. Keep this account shielded at all times or transfer your gold to your main / your guild bank. If unshielded, keep your leader sheltered, you do not want to lose the gear, talent, or hero boosts.

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