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What is Kingdom Vs. Kingdom?

KvK is an event where your whole kingdom gets together to compete against other Kingdoms. KvK also open’s up the boundaries between the kingdoms, allowing players to temporarily port between each others kingdom. This access will end at the end of the event, at which point any remaining players will be randomly ported back to their own kingdom.

Why do I Need Extra Protection During KvK?

Most kingdoms have a set of rules usually laid out by the ruling guild, such as not hitting other players on tiles. In addition your guild will usually also offer you a certain level of protection against attacks, as other players will be cautious about making enemies and starting wars.

Once Kingdom Vs. Kingdom starts this all goes out the window, the opposing kingdoms will not care who they hit, whether it’s on a tile, a player in a top guild, or pretty much anything. All rules go out the window.  This is largely because once KvK finishes, the opposing side will be safely ported back to their protected kingdom with little to no repercussions.

How to Protect Yourself?

Properly protecting yourself, thus not giving away any points to the opposing kingdoms, is just as important, if not more important than scoring points yourself. If no one gave away any points then the opposition cannot win! At the very least you should be earning more points than you give away. To do this you need to make sure that the only time you lose any troops, or might, is during an attack that you plan and not the other way round.

The following are all valid protection methods:

- One simple method is to shield for the entire event. If you know you are not going to be taking part, then shielding throughout the event is a valid tactic. - Shelter your leader and troops. - If you can’t afford to shield and you have more troops then your shelter can hold then try to find out who else in your guild has activated a shield and send your troops as reinforcements to their base. Note that you should ask when the guild member’s shield expires, so you can make other arrangements. - A fake or ghost rally is a valid strategy to protect your troops if they all fit into a single deployment. Remember you will need to set a new ghost rally before the 8 hour timer expires. - Do not farm at all. I cannot stress how important it is not to farm any tiles during a KvK. You are leaving yourself wide open to attack by sitting on a tile. If you must farm, then you had better be sat watching your troops constantly and be ready to recall!

Preparation is Key

Before you port right into the enemy’s midst, there are a few things you need to get ready first:

- Buy a talent respec and set up your points ready for combat (if you haven’t already). I recommend maxing out troop health and defense first and then concentrating on one troop type’s offensive stats. - Equip your war gear, again concentrating on troop health, defense and then one troop offensive stat. - Activate your Army ATK Boost or Army DEF Boost 20%. - Activate your Army Size 20% Boost or Army Size 50% Boost. - Purchase at least two relocators and make sure you have enough shields. If you want to attack multiple targets in the other kingdoms, then you will need more relocators and more shields. - If you are holding a lot of resources I suggest sending them to a guild member with a shield who can send them back to you when you return.

Finding a Target

The most important part of a successful solo attack in KvK is finding a suitable target. You obviously want to hit players that have a lot of unprotected troops,  but at the same time you are going in solo, so you need to be able to win. I would suggest avoiding any player hives (unless you are significantly more powerful and know you can take the whole hive single handed). I tend to start looking from the top or bottom edge of the map and work my way down/up. Generally the players occupying the top and bottom edges are the weak bases and they get stronger as you work towards the middle (due to the better resources in the center). The best target is a player with similar/slightly higher power to you, who is currently out farming. Even better is group of occupied farming tiles in close proximity to each other.

Players on tiles are good for a few reasons: - You cannot protect your troops on the tile, which means you are guaranteed at least some points. - There are no traps to worry about. - It’s probably not the opponents full army, as they may be farming on multiple tiles. - Chances are unless it’s a trap (I’ll come to that later), the player probably doesn’t know what he’s doing as they are out farming during an KvK!

Time to Earn Some Points

Once you find your target you can get ready to port in. The idea will be to attack your target as quickly as possible, before they get a chance to recall their troops. Because of this I prefer to port in right next to the tile, without a shield up and immediately send a deployment with my commander and troops. If you are cautious you may wish to scout first, but I’m not a fan of this as it takes valuable time to send a scout, get the report, work out what to send and then set your deployment. Whilst this is happening the other player may withdraw from the tile. You should be able to roughly assess what’s likely to be on the tile from the players might and castle level. Hopefully within a few seconds you will have won the attack, which will mean you automatically occupy the tile. Be prepared to withdraw immediately to get your troops back to your base. Now you can either shield as soon as your troops return, or you can send them out again to another target near by on a tile. If you plan to stay, then whilst your troops are heading to the next tile it’s time to start scouting nearby bases, to find out who has unprotected troops. Use these reports to plan your next attack when your troops return. Remember that if you capture a leader you need to be ready to release immediately, as you can be tracked down easy with a leader in your prison. Once you are finished in the area activate a 4 hour shield, sit back and start scanning for your next target.

Be Constantly on the Lookout

Whilst all this is going on you need to be constantly on the look out for high level players porting to you. The longer you remain in one place, the more likely you will be identified and targeted by high might players. This can sometimes happen immediately if the troops on a tile are set up as a trap to lure you in. You need to remember there are two circumstances where your troops are safe. The first is when they are all back in your base and shielded, the second is during their deployment. Whilst moving to and from a tile, or base, your troops are safe. If for example you are sending all your troops out in a single deployment each time, then the only time a high level player can get some kills, is the point at which your troops are sitting without a shield on in your base. If the attacker is good player, they will wait until your troops are on there way back to your base. The attacker will then send out a deployment just at the right time to try and hit your base at the exact same time your troops arrive home.

Next Target

Once your shield is up and you have finished in the area, or a high level player is sat next to you, it’s time to look for another target. You can then repeat it all again. Remember to drop your shield just prior to porting for your next attack (unless aforementioned high might player is sat by you of course!). The idea will be to keep moving around hitting targets until you reach enough points to win the top prize for the KvK event. With a bit of luck you will recover enough Gems and prizes from the rewards to make up for any troop loses and the relocate costs

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