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The following guide is designed to help you better understand what player experience is, the significance of it and how to get your player level up as quickly as possible. It is one of the more understated aspects of the game but is vital in playing the game efficiently. I will try and make this guide as concise as possible so that no ones time is wasted . If you're only interested in how to maximize the acquisition of player exp skip down to the neon blue heading.

Player Experience-What is it?

Player exp is the experience that levels up your player level. It is gained from completing a plethora of activities in game (all of which I will be listing below) such as monster fighting or guild quests. Player exp is essential the games way of rewarding you for being an active player. The less active you are, the less player exp you'll get. Player exp is vital in order to gain talent points, equip higher level gear and increase hero levels. All of which are fundamentally important. Player levels 1-50 are very easy and will take you no time compared to the last 10 levels. Levels 50-55 take more player exp (around 1.2M) and take some time but not an over-abundant amount. It is very important to note that once you get to player level 56 the amount of experience needed grows exponentially as shown below in the blue bar. Most beginning players are unaware of this but planning ahead can help you combat this and gain player levels faster which means being able to use better gear faster and improving your talents.

(To view your player level and the amount of exp needed to reach the next level click on your heroes picture in the upper left corner and it will be displayed in the top left of the newly opened screen)

How to get player exp:

Now the fundamental question is, how do I get player exp. Listed below are the ways you can gain player exp:

-Monster Fighting

-Forging Equipment

-Completing guild or admin quests

-Engaging any enemy troops in combat

-Completing or sweeping hero stages


-Completing turf quests (this is the most important one!)

Monster Fighting:

Whenever you fight a monster you will be rewarded player exp. The higher level the monster, the more player exp you earn. Keep it mind that hunting higher level monsters takes more energy so hunting higher level monsters doesn't equate to getting more exp. It seems to be proportionate to the amount of energy spent.

Forging Equipment:

When an equipment has been successfully forged you will be awarded player exp for the completion of the equipment. The higher level grade, not level, determines the amount of player exp awarded. The higher level grade the more exp gained.

Completing Guild or admin quests:

Whenever you complete a guild or admin quest it will award player experience. The higher level quest, the more it will give. Common<Uncommon<Rare<Epic<Legendary

Engaging enemy troops in combat:

If you engage an enemies troops you will receive player exp. I believe the more you wound/kill, the more player exp you earn. Correct me if I am wrong

Completing or sweeping hero stages:

Every time that you complete a hero stage you will earn player exp. When you sweep stages you will see the amount of player exp off to the right. The higher hero stages you complete the more player exp you get. This means it is more beneficial to be sweeping a level 6 stage than a level 2! Keep that in mind when going for your golden trio. Sweeping an elite stage gives you twice the exp as the same normal stage due to the 2x energy cost.


Another source of player experience is the Colosseum. Whenever you battle someones heroes you gain play exp. Not much more to this one. Go get those gems!

Completing turf quests:

Last but certainly not least is completing turf quests. These babies will be a major source of player exp when you complete higher level upgrades. In addition to player exp they award resources, might and hearts for hero stages. They are a gold mine for f2p players and help you afford many new buildings or upgrades. There is a strategy for ensuring you gain the maximum amount of player exp that involves these later on in the guide.

Why is player experience so important? 

Player level which is gained through experience is important for several reasons. Again I will be listing these simply because it allows for better organization.


I capped this section for a reason. The higher level your player level the better gear you can equip your leader with. The better gear, the better bonuses (thats a shocker). For example at level 9 I can equip a pirates eye patch which grants an 8% construction boost. But at player level 40 I can equip Sentinels circlet which gives a 25% construction boost. Since this is an accessory and you have 3 accessory slots at castle level 25 that adds up to an extra 51% construction speed, 24% total for pirates & 75% total for sentinels, when both are at legendary grade. An extra 51% construction boost? Yes please. When beginning the game you want to get to player level 40 as fast as possible in order to equip sentinels circlet and lunar flute. But that is described in more detail in the link I provided above with the golden trio. Speaking of links, here is a link with the most up to date f2p gear sets, it will help you immensely.

(Player level required is displayed on the upper left corner of the equipment. This is my construction setup)

*important side note: it is best not to build hybrid gear such as Lost Pocketwatch. Instead build gear that focuses specifically on construction or research such as Sentinels circlet (pictured above in accessory slot) or lunar flute.

Talent points:

In my opinion, even more important than gear are talent points. Talent points are given for every player level gained. More points are earned in the later levels (45-60) than the initial levels (1-45). So the higher player level, the more talent points you get. Thus the faster you get to the higher player levels, the more bonuses you receive; and the sooner you get a player level the faster you can max skills and grow at a faster rate. This is very important for beginning players who are trying to max construction I & II, research I & II and training speed I & II. In the later stages the points do help but they are placed in less vital skills such as gold production or one specific resource if hyper-farming. View this guide on how to hyper-farm aka mono farming (

Hero Levels:

Player exp is also very important for hero levels.

Saving up turf quests(the most important one):

So why save up turf quests? Let me explain. Turf quests are a massive source of player experience. Plain and simple. Most peoples gut reaction to completing a turf quest is to hit the collect button for two reasons. One they give good rewards and two because it can be annoying to have that gold button flashing in your face all the time. Ignore the flashing button and don't press it! I promise it'll be worth it. What you need to do is save up as many turf quests as you can before you either A become too impatient, B deem the number of turf quests you have built up to be sufficient, C are in dire need of the rewards they provide or D view exchanging them as more beneficial than saving anymore up. So what do you do now? You want to equip a player exp boost!!! The boost is available for 2500 gems and lasts 24 hours (sorry GC won't do for this because its not offered). Use this BEFORE you claim any of the turf quests. It will raise your player exp boost from 50% to 75%. I highly suggest doing this in conjunction with a 24 hour or hell event because you will be able to claim the extra exp from the completed turf quest(s). You can even go so far as to save up bravehearts and energy so that when you use the boost the extra player exp comes pouring in! But I suggest you save energy for the occasional monster hunting hell event and using bravehearts to get your heroes rank/grade up asap. Congratulations you now got a 75% player exp on your turf quests instead of the standard 50% making it that much easier to get to the next player level which, as listed above, provides lots of benefits. I highly recommend option D instead of A, B or C because there are times when jumping up to a higher player level asap will provide greater benefits than saving turf quests. And you can always buy another player exp boost later to boost the turf quests you acquire in the future. 25% player exp boost under the military tactics tab in Turf Boosts.

The End:

And there you have it! What player experience is, why it is important, and the best way to get it. If you see anything that needs to be added or some information is wrong feel free to let me know! Best of luck all!

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