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Hey Fellow Lord's and Ladies!

Today I will be walking you through the wonderful world of trap accounts! For most players, the pinacle point of the game is being a huge might level with so many troops they are all starving! Being able to attack and kill anyone you want! However, sometimes this isn't possible. Maybe you can not afford the high costs and don't wish to wait 3 years to hit the tier 4 troops and start pushing out those heroic cannoneers. 
If you fall somewhere in that category, then maybe you should consider the wonderful world of traps.

What is a trap?

A trap account is an account with the sole purpose of defending attacks from larger players, taking minimal loses, but inflicting a huge amount of damage to the aggressive player attacking you.
This can work many ways. Considering that a single attack can hold a maximum number of troops, usually between 250k and 350k, you need to be prepared to eliminate the whole army. 

So, What do I need to do?

To create a trap, there are several major components. 
First of all, you don't want to build a million troops and have them all dying every time you trap someone, so hospitals in abundance are a major factor.  
Second, make sure you do have a lot of troops. A high number of tier 3 troops can wipe out even a tier 4 army in a single defence., is your embassy. Embassys can help you to hold many troops from your guild mate's. With 1 million friends sitting in wait at your castle, even the top guy on your kingdom will think twice about hitting you alone.
Fourth in line, make sure your hero and gear setup is perfectly suited to defend yourself. 
Number Five is your wall, preferably a level 25 one, but it doesn't really matter. Depending on your aggressor, the amount of wall hp and traps you have can do some serious damage.
Finaly, number six, is your research and talents. This is a major factor in your defence and damage capability. Having good research is important to your defence, however, you don't want so much that your might grows to a high level.
I will break down each point with details and images to show exactly how I set up a trap that has crushed some of my kingdoms biggest players.

1. Hospitals

Hospitals are, in my opinion, the biggest and most important part of the trap account. 
When defending from attacks, your troops are sent to hospitals first. They will only die if you exceed your infirmary limit. In setting up your base, you don't really need multiple barracks. So save up space to carry around 10 infirmaries. I currently have 14. Getting hospitals to the highest level isn't completely necessary, although it does help, as having many hospitals at around level 15 will grant you approximately 400k hospital space.
Although it may be an expensive task to heal 400k troops (approx. 15mil of each resource) and very time consuming, the damage dealt is a huge blow.
To summarise, as many hospitals as possible will limit your might and troop loss which is a major factor in trapping.

2. Troops

Troops are an obvious essential for trapping. What else would you fill your hospitals with? 
Training enough troops is a long process, but anywhere from 250k to 1mil is enough for your standard trap account depending on the help you may receive. 
Always remember that seige army is useless in defence. Only train infantry, cavalry and archers. This will limit your losses and help with keeping your might low.
Tier 3 troops are the troop of choice. This is for anyone attempting to take on a Tier 3 enemy or tier 4 enemy. All troops have a power level, meaning tier 4 troops may crush a tier 3 assault if it is one on one, but switch the ratio up a little and even a 100mil might tier 4 account will fall.
The ratios are relatively simple:
Tier 4 - 4.5
Tier 3 - 3
Tier 2 - 2
Tier 1 - 1

From this we can see that you would need a 2:1 ratio of tier 3 to beat a tier 4 army. However, if you wish to destroy their army and kill many Troops, a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 is recommended.
So, train those troops, make sure you have enough to recover from your hospitals and take out your enemy before they break your wall!

3. Embassy

When trapping like a true boss, it helps to have some friends. A level 25 embassy allows you to hold 1million reinforcements at your castle. This means that you could easily have 1.5million troops sitting in your castle waiting for the enemy to approach you. 
Your embassy is key to taking out the biggest opponents. Without help from your guild, you could find yourself up a creek without a paddle.
Just make sure all your friends only send tier 3 troops (no siege weapons) and only as much as they can fit in their hospitals.
And finally, try to be discreet. You don't want the enemy to see you being reinforced as that kind of gives the game away.

4. Heroes & Gear

So the basics have been covered, now We get into the detail.
Heroes are a huge part in the Lord's Mobile experience. Having a good line up is very important. Any heroes who carry boosts to your defence, traps, health and attack are useful. 
Needless to say, the higher your heroes rank and level, the better use he will be. Avoid any siege boosters and any irrelevant boosts. You can change your hero line up by clicking the wall and the station button, choosing a maximum of 5 heroes depending on your wall level.
Gear is the same, you can equip your hero with various armour and weapons to increase his or her boosts. Always aim for the same defence, health, trap and attack boosts. Also, remember to equip the gear with good jewels. You can easily increase each boost by 20% with a clever jewel choice.

5. Wall & Traps

Now, this is where things get a bit more technical. Your wall is your best defence to stop your castle burning. Although that doesn't exactly mean you have lost a battle, it looks much better to have a smoking castle than a burning one.
When dealing with your wall, try to get it to it's highest level. At level 25 your wall can hold 125k traps and has a massive health boost. 
When building traps, aim for tier 3, but tier 2 will do. Traps deal a relatively small amount of damage and will continue to hurt the enemy invader until your wall runs out of health. Overall, if you have 125k traps at tier 3, with no troops, you can kill a few thousand tier 3 troops and wound over 10000. So try to build effectively. Make sure to spread over the 3 trap types so you can target the 3 main troop types.
In general, your wall's health will mean your traps are more effective. It may take a long time to build them all and it may be a little expensive, but always try to be maxed out if you are trapping a large enemy.

6. Research & Talents

Now we get to the more important technical points.
We all know how important research is and how good it is to be knowledgable. When building your trap account however, make sure you consider how much might the research gives you. The last thing you want is to have a huge might level, as this will make players cautious about attacking you. Researching up to level 8 standard in your defences and offence is usually a reasonable spot for a trap account. After that point it is between 300k-500k might per research and becomes quite difficult to keep your might down. 
It is possible to do these research as you go along, but just remember that you should always try to look like an easy target.
Talents are a great way to boost the same statistics as research without the might boost. If you have not researched innate talent then try to get there. This will save you a lot of time switching between a research, attack and defence set up. 
For your trap, always stick to the left hand side and aim for trap, defence and health options. Any left over points can be placed in the offensive talents. Do not bother with training speeds as these will become pointless when being attacked.
So basically, invest in a good defence with both your research and talents. Avoid costly might increases and remember to always switch your talents to your trap settings before being hit.

I'm Ready! What Next?

So now you have painstakingly created the perfect trap base. What's next? Well. The first thing to do is to test it. Pick a relatively week opponent to start with. Someone who will obviously lose but test your metal a little. 
Usually to test your trap that is fully maxed out at the levels stated above, a target of 30mil to 40mil is good. Anything more might risk a long recovery time. 

How Do I Force An Attack?

When you're ready to test that trap, you need an enemy to bite. First off you need to make sure you are reinforced by your team in an area far enough away to not be noticed. When you're all in place and your team has left you, you should scout your target (helps if they are online if you want an immediate response) or goad them with a message. Sometimes players are aware of a trap and won't come get you. But keep trying. Make sure you are a lower might so they think you are just an idiot or an easy target. Rallying an enemy may also get a good response and carrying prisoners is pretty much guaranteed to have someone come get you.

The Golden Rule

This should to without saying, but part of the trap is that the enemy has no idea. If they scout you, your plan is pretty much ruined. Therefore, you should always use an anti-scout. This will stop any enemy from viewing those precious reinforcements.

Battle Time!

Okay, here comes the fun. That silly player has taken the bait and relocated right next to you. Now he is lining up his army. As soon as he starts sending those troops you should switch to a defence booster. This will increase your defence another 20% and make sure you lose very little whilst killing every little man he sends to your gate's!
Remember! After the first hit he will be very confused. Always keep an anti-scout ready. 
The best target will send 3 attacks one after the other, meaning you could easily wipe out 750k troops in a minute. This would drop their might drastically.
If they only hit once, they may be aware and disappear, but try keep them hitting.

The Aftershock

You win! Or so I hope. The battle is over, your wall is still standing and the enemy has no idea what just happened. But now there is the matter of what happens next.
If the player has hit you so much that they effectively destroyed their whole army, it might be worth sending a few friends in to attack and finish the job.
However, he may have the same idea. It is always best to heal your troops quickly with gems or speed ups at this point just In case he brings a few stronger mate's for the adventure. Or in the worse case...


Oh dear. They hit you and now they called in the back up. They are sending a 2mil rally right for you! 
Don't worry! If you are still going with the flow, your best bet is to be reinforced again, especially if you can not shield. Even the strongest rally will still be slightly absorbed by your trap. You will lose a lot, but if you followed the rules above, you won't have any dead soldiers, just injured ones. Whilst the enemy will have to lick their wounds from the amount of dead in their graves.
Just remain calm. These traps are specially made to make your might loss only temporary.

It's Over!

So the war is over, the battle is won. The enemy has left in tears picking up weeks worth of dead soldiers he must retrain. 
At this point you should go into hiding for a while. Shield up and relocate, this will automatically send the reinforcements back to whence they came, so make sure your friends are ready to defend themselves if they are followed!
Always change your name, fluctuate your might levels and get a few more kills so they don't remember your face! The whole point of a trap is to be able to repeat it multiple times!
Heal up those brave soldiers who fought for your cause! And be ready for the next round!


So there we have it. A definitive guide to a personal trap account. There are many variations of the trap, including a rally trap specifically to stop rallies. But this is just for you. 
Just remember the main rules, lots of hospitals, lots of reinforcements, get your stats right, never relocate with reinforcements or shield, and always use anti scout!

Thank You!

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