Rich Vein Lv.4

Example of an Unoccupied Lv.4 Rich Vein Resource Tile

Introduction Edit

Resource tiles spawn throughout all Kingdoms in Levels 1-5. When a resource tile is gathered, a new resource tile of the same type and level will spawn nearby.

Kingdom Overview

Kingdom Overview icon

To locate resource tiles in the various levels:

  • Go to the Kingdom Map
  • Tap on the Kingdom Overview icon
  • Tap on the Resource Tiles Chart icon
    Resource Tile icon

    Resource Tiles Chart icon

Resource Tiles Chart

Example of the Resource Tiles Chart

Tile Resource Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Field Food 225,000 412,500 900,000 1,575,000 4,125,000
Ruins Gold 67,500 123,750 270,000 472,000 1,462,500
Rich Vein Ore 135,000 247,500 540,000 945,000 2,475,000
Rocks Stone 180,000 330,000 720,000 1,260,000 3,300,000
Woods Timber 180,000 330,000 720,000 1,260,000 3,300,000

Note: If two armies from different Guilds are headed towards the same resource tile, the player who gets to the tile fastest will begin gathering. If the second player is shielded, their gatherers will automatically return to the Castle, when they reach the tile. *Disregard the red flashing screen in this case.

If the second player is not shielded, their gatherers will attack the army currently gathering the tile.

Research Edit

Researching Resource Harvesting will increase Gathering Speed. Weight Training increases Army Capacity, or how much armies can carry. Ration Run increases Gathering Troops' Travel Speed. And Gathering Priority allows the player to auto-select the number of troops needed to clear a resource tile, based on the resource amount.


Army Leadership:


Wonder Battles:

Upgrade Military:

Talents Edit

Max out the following 4 Talents. The first two will give a Gathering Speed Boost, and the second two will increase Army Capacity:

  1. Gathering I
  2. Gathering II
  3. Max Load I
  4. Max Load II

Equipment Edit

Name Slot Boost
Electric Lance Main Hand Army Capacity

Resource Gathering Speed

Travel Speed

Noceros Mask Helmet Army Capacity

Resource Gathering Speed

Lightning Guard Armor Resource Gathering Speed
Gryphon's Talon Off-hand Army Capacity

Optional Equipment Edit

Name Slot Boost
Craggy Greaves Legs Resource Gathering Speed
Seafarers Cleats Legs Army Capacity
Nomad Boots Legs Army Capacity
  • Wait until your troops have reached the resource tile they are gathering, to unequip this Equipment, or you will not get the boosts!
  • Use Travel Speed Boost Equipment in any empty Slots.

Tips Edit

  • Use Tier 1 troops. They can run the fastest, and are cheap and quick to heal.
  • Most players respect “First arrow”: If another player is already headed towards a tile, don’t try and gather that tile.
  • Send your heroes along with your troops, to get a 40% increase in material drops. Never send your Leader.
  • Level 2 resource tiles give the best material drops.
  • Upgrade the Noceros Familiar to Elder, to unlock the Support Skill: In a Flash. When this skill is upgraded to Lv. 10, it instantly completes gathering for 5 random Gathering Armies (not applicable for Gem Lodes).
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