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The Gear Research Tree is where players can research everything necessary to unlock Tier 5 (T5) Troop (see also Barrack), including the Lunar Foundry building. Requires Academy level 25.

Available Research[]

Quick Maneuvers.png

Quick Maneuvers III

Ration Run.png

Ration Run IV

Central Command.png

Central Command II

Forced March.png

Forced March III

Field Triage.png

Field Triage II

Bigger Bags.png

Bigger Bags III

Bigger Infirmary.png

Bigger Infirmary III

Barracks Expansion.png

Barracks Expansion II

Lunar Foundry Research.png

Lunar Foundry

Crafting Speed.png

Crafting Speed I

Lunite Harvesting.png

Lunite Harvesting

Lunite Storage.png

Lunite Storage

Infantry Defense.png

Infantry Defense II

Siege Toughness.png

Siege Toughness II

Ranged Defense.png

Ranged Defense II

Cavalry Defense.png

Cavalry Defense II

Infantry Health.png

Infantry Health II

Siege Durability.png

Siege Durability II

Ranged Health.png

Ranged Health II

Cavalry Health.png

Cavalry Health II

Infantry Offense.png

Infantry Offense II

Siege Attack.png

Siege Attack II

Ranged Offense.png

Ranged Offense II

Cavalry Offense.png

Cavalry Offense II

Crafting Speed.png

Crafting Speed II

Crafting Capacity.png

Crafting Capacity

Luminary Guard Research.png

Luminary Guard

Luminary Avenger Research.png

Luminary Avenger

Luminary Marksman Research.png

Luminary Marksman

Luminary Lion Force Research.png

Luminary Lion Force

Box 2.png Trivia[]

  • Total Research time: 9042d 8h 3m
  • Total Archaic Tome cost: 20,116
    • Since Central Command II is optional, the cost to unlock all T5 types is 19,712 Tomes.
      • Minus the Siege, the cost to unlock only the other three T5 types is 19,119 Tomes.
  • Hell Drider's Familiar Support Skill "Convocation" cannot give T5 troops, but Grim Reaper's Attack Skill "Kiss of Death" can still kill T5 troops.
  • T5 troops along with the new "Gear" research tree were available worldwide after an update on February 24, 2020 at 10:00 AM (GMT-5). Players received 600 Gems and Speed Up Training (60m) x8 for this update.
  • An emergency update relating to the issues with battles after the tier 5 update was released on February 25, 2020 at 2:00 PM (GMT-5). Players received 600 Gems and Speed Up Training (60m) x8 for this emergency update, and additionally Shield (24h) x3, Archaic Tome x30, Speed Up Research (60m) x48.

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