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Gold is one of the five resources in Lords Mobile. Gold can be gathered from Ruins Tiles in the Kingdom, and produced by Manors in a players Turf.

Players can use Talents and Research technology to boost the production rate of Gold in their turf.

Gold Production can also be boosted with Equipment.

  • Gryphon's Talon
  • Helm of Conquest
  • Lightning Guard
  • Dwarven Toe Guard
  • Crystal Tear
  • Frostwing's Breath
  • Fear Drum

Other Gold Production Boosts[]

  • Using the item Gold Boost will boost the production by 25% for 24 hours.
  • The Administration skill of Soul Forger and Dark Follower provides a boost of 7.5% to 150%, depending on the grade of the Hero.
  • The Familiars Gnome and Goblin will also boost Gold Production, and Goblin's support skill Gold Digger, will provide the player with 2M to 12M Gold, depending on the skill level.
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