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Guilds are groups of players that work together for one cause. They are an important aspect of Lords Mobile, since there are many benefits to joining a Guild, and guild interactions provide the main source of strategy for the game.

Guild.png Benefits

Joining a guild will grant the player access to Guild Events like Guild Fest and Dragon Arena, and features such as Guild Help and Monster Hunt.

Guild members can work together to run Coalition Rallies, raid opponents, protect each other from attacks with Reinforcements and Garrisons, and fight for the Wonders. Guild members can also share Guild Gifts and Supplies with each other.

Joining a Guild will also make the Guild Quests and Guild Shop inventory available to players, which can be purchased with Guild Coins.

Participants.png Requirements

Every Guild requires a Name, a Guild Tag (a 3-character tag that will display in [brackets] next to the Guild and player names), and a custom Icon. A guild must recruit at least 11 players to stay open, otherwise, it will automatically be disbanded within 5 days. A Home Kingdom is also required, which by default is the Kingdom the Guild started in; the Guild Leader can change the Home Kingdom in the guild settings.

List.png Features

Across the top of the main guild screen are displayed the following info:

There are three tabs on the right side of the Guild screen, used for quickly accessing guild features.

Guild Banner.png
Guild Info (listed above)
Diplomacy Board.png Members.png Applications.png Gift Level.png
Message / Announcement Board
Guild Coin.png Guild Shop Mail.png Message All
Might Ranking.png Might Ranking Manage Guild.png Manage Guild
Rally Banner.png
Join Rallies and Assist Your Allies
Active Rallies are displayed here, along with the current number of Allied Troops in the Coalition(s).
Guild Assist
Help Banner.png
Send Help.png
Send Help
Send Supplies.png
Send Resources
Send Reinforcements.png
Send Reinforcements
Send Garrison.png
Send Garrison

Diplomacy Board

A chat system where guild members can post messages as representatives of their guild. Guild name will be displayed for each message alongside the player name. R4s and R5s of a guild can delete messages from their diplomacy board.


Lists all current guild members, as well as their might and kills, sorted by Guild Rank, and then alphabetically. Player Nicknames will be displayed in the internal member list. Guild members can be managed here; click Manage to be given the option to view the player profile, send them a mail, promote/demote them, or kick them (if permissions allow). The Guild Leader can also be dismissed through this menu.


Only Rank 4 members and above may view the guild's Applications page. From this page they are able to view any applicant information, including username, might, and kills. To the right of the applicant information they are given an option to either Accept or Deny the application.

Gift Level

Eye.png Main article: Guild Gift

Message / Announcement

The large board at the center of the guild page. Every guild has both a public message board (Announcement) and an internal message board (Message) used for displaying public and private information, respectively. R4s and R5s can edit these boards either by tapping directly on them, or through the Guild Settings.

Guild Shop

Eye.png Main article: Guild Shop

Might Ranking

Similar to the Members page, but only username and might are displayed, listed in descending order by might. Your own might and ranking are displayed at the top of the page. Click the small magnifying glass to view that player's profile.

Message All

Using this feature, Rank 2 members and above can send a mail to all members of their guild at once.

Manage Guild

From here the Guild Settings can be viewed. Depending on your current Permissions, only certain settings may be visible.

Basic Settings
Public info - displays the public guild board.
Leave Guild - disabled for R5 members, must first Transfer Leadership
Edit Slogan - edit the scrolling message across the top of the guild page
Edit Message - edit internal guild board
Edit Announcement - edit public guild board
Default Language - select the default language for the guild
Edit Guild Name - requires a Guild Name-Changer
Edit Guild Tag - requires a Guild Tag Changer
Change Guild Logo
Change Home Kingdom - will send a message to all guild mates if changed.
Advanced Settings
Transfer Leadership - allows the R5 to switch their rank with another guild member
Disband Guild - requires a confirmation and to wait for 30 seconds before disbanding.

Send Help

Help can be sent to and received by guild mates to reduce the time of Construction and Research projects. To send help to guild mates press this Help.png icon on the right side of the screen. If the icon isn't visible, it means that no one has asked for help.

  • The Send Help window can also be accessed via the Guild Assist screen
  • 1 Help reduces the current project time by 1% (minimum 1 minute).
    • There is a maximum amount of Help a player can receive for one project. This is dependent of the player's Castle Level. The maximum for Castle Level 25 is 30.
  • Help can only be sent to and received by guild members in the same Kingdom.
  • Send help to receive Guild Coins. The maximum number of coins per day is 40K, but frequently there are Events where the maximum is increased by 2x or 3x, for up to 120K daily coins.

Overlord Crown.png Permissions

Rank 5 Rank 4 Rank 3 Rank 2 Rank 1
Collect Guild Gift
Message All
Promote / demote members
Kick members
Invite to Guild
Manage Applications
Edit Guild Message
Edit Guild Announcement
Edit Slogan
Delete Diplomacy Board messages
Edit Guild Bookmarks / Pins
Change Guild Logo
Edit Guild name / tag
Choose default language
Open Recruitment / Applications
Transfer Leadership
Disband Guild

Dismissing Guild Leader

  1. If a Guild Leader (Rank 5) hasn't logged in for 5 days, Rank 3 and 4 members can dismiss them.
  2. If a Guild Leader hasn't logged in for 10 days, Rank 1 and 2 members can dismiss them.
  3. Dismissing a Guild Leader will cost 2000 Gems.
  4. The dismissed Guild Leader will be demoted to a Rank 1 member.

VIP.png Skins and Frames

Guilds can receive special icon frames and changes to the appearance of their guild page as a reward for special events.

To change the current Guild Frame, if available, simply click on the guild icon inside the guild menu, and select the frame. Guild Skins are automatically applied after the end of Guild Fest, and can only be changed if you place out of the required rank in the next Guild Fest.

Guild Frames
Frame Requirement
NormalGuildFrame.png Normal frame Default
GuildFestFrame.png Glowing frame Reach 1st place in Guild Fest Master Gauntlet world ranking
UltimateLordsFrame.png Ultimate Guild frame Reach top 100 in the Ultimate Guilds event[1]
LordsGamesFrame.png Lords Games frame Reach top 100 in the Lords Games event [2]
Guild Skins
Skin Requirement
NormalGuildSkin.png Normal skin Default
GuildFestSkin1.png Gold skin Reach top 100 in Guild Fest Master Gauntlet world ranking
GuildFestSkin2.png Gold skin with simple border Reach top 50 in Guild Fest Master Gauntlet world ranking
GuildFestSkin3.png Gold skin with fancy border Reach top 10 in Guild Fest Master Gauntlet world ranking
GuildFestSkin4.png Gold skin with intricate border Reach 1st place in Guild Fest Master Gauntlet world ranking

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