Guild Bash


Guild Bash is a three day event where Guilds earn points by completing challenges, in order to summon Guild Event monsters, including Huey Hops, Hoarder and Arctic Flipper.

When individual players score points, these will contribute to their guilds overall point count. Players can only score points for the guild they started the event in. Leaving the guild during Guild Bash, will not affect any points already accumulated.

To summon the Guild Event monsters, guilds must reach the Monster Crests. There are three Crests to reach:

Monster Crest Points Monsters to Summon
1 640,000 1
2 2,560,000 2
3 6,400,000 3

Guild Event monsters can only be summoned by a guilds R5 and R4's. When a Guild event monster is summoned, it will appear close to the person who summoned. It will also be announced in the Kingdom Chat.


Guild Bash takes place during other Special Events, and usually occurs every 1-3 months.


There are four different ways to earn points during Guild Bash:

  1. Complete Hell Events
  2. Win Darknest Coalition battles (Rally Captain only)
  3. Donate items in the Donation Box
  4. Hunt Monsters
Complete Hell Event Points
1 Hell Event 16,000
Win Darknest Coalition battles Amount Points
Level 1 Darknest 50 6,000
Level 2 Darknest 40 10,000
Level 3 Darknest 30 17,000
Level 4 Darknest 20 30,000
Level 5 Darknest 10 70,000
Hunt Monsters Points
Hit Lv 1 Monster 30
Hit Lv 2 Monster 60
Hit Lv 3 Monster 120
Hit Lv 4 Monster 180
Hit Lv 5 Monster 360
Kill Lv 1 Monster 100
Kill Lv 2 Monster 600
Kill Lv 3 Monster 2,500
Kill Lv 4 Monster 10,000
Kill Lv 5 Monster 30,000


There are two different rewards in Guild Bash:

  1. Summon Bonus
  2. Slayer Loot
  • Every time a guild summons a monster, everyone in the guild is rewarded with a Summon Bonus.
  • The Slayer Loot is rewarded to all members of the guild that land the killing blow on the monster.


Scoring points

  • Monster Hunt Hell Events give double points during Guild Bash.
  • Choose Hell Events that require low points, so more can be completed, with less speed ups.
  • Coordinate monster hunting with guild members, to kill as many monsters as possible.
  • Hunt only monsters that guild members can kill.
  • Focus on hunting monsters that require Physical Heroes, as they are usually easier to kill.

Summoning and Killing the Special Monsters

  • Announce the summoning time in guild mails and get as many guild members online as possible.
  • Set out camps all around the summoning spot, to discourage monster thieves, or at least make their hunts longer.
  • Players closest to the monster should wait until it is almost dead, and then all hit it at the same time.
  • Don’t worry about wasting energy, as Guild Bash monsters only require 1 energy to hunt.
  • See Monster, section Guild Event Monsters, for more info.
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