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Guild Fest, aka GF, is a 7 day event where Guilds compete to score points, by completing quests. All guild members points are combined, and determine the total guild score.

The number of quests available to each player, depends on the Gauntlet of their guild.

  • Beginner Gauntlet: 6 Quest Attempts, 15 Rewards Tiers.
  • Intermediate Gauntlet: 7 Quest Attempts, 18 Rewards Tiers.
  • Advanced Gauntlet: 8 Quest Attempts, 21 Rewards Tiers.
  • Expert Gauntlet: 9 Quest Attempts, 24 Rewards Tiers.
  • Master Gauntlet: 10 Quest Attempts, 27 Rewards Tiers.

After completing all quest attempts, each player can also purchase 1 extra quest attempt, at the cost of 1,000 Gems.

There are 20 quest slots on the Guild Fest Board. When a quest is taken or deleted, a new one will appear 30 minutes later. Quests can only be deleted by the R5 and R4's.

General Rules:

  • To participate, players must be Castle Lv 15 and above, and guilds must have at least 25 members.
  • Players can only gain points and collect Rewards, for the guild they started the event in.
  • Abandoning, or canceling quests, will not restore a quest attempt. If a quest is cancelled, the attempt is lost, and 0 points are scored.
  • If the timer run out before a quest is completed and submitted, 0 points are scored.

Gauntlet Rules:

  • Guilds who are participating in the Guild Fest for the first time will start in the Beginner Gauntlet. If fewer than 25 members participated in the previous Guild Fest, the guild will be dropped back to the Beginner Gauntlet.
  • Guilds that reach Gift Tier 8, and are ranked in the top 5 will advance to a higher Gauntlet in the next Guild Fest. To Advance to Master Gauntlet, Guilds must reach Gift Tier 8, and be ranked in the top 3.
  • Guilds will be dropped to a lower Gauntlet in the next Guild Fest if they are ranked in the bottom 5 in the first 4 Gauntlets, or in the bottom 6 in the Master Gauntlet.


Guild Fest takes place every third week just after Kingdom Clash, and lasts from Monday to Sunday.

In 2019 Guild Fest will take place on the following weeks:

  • Week 21
  • Week 24
  • Week 27
  • Week 30
  • Week 33
  • Week 36
  • Week 39
  • Week 42
  • Week 45
  • Week 48
  • Week 51


There are several hundred different quests available in Guild Fest, which give anywhere from +42, to +352 points.

All the Guild Fest quests that are available in the lower Gauntlets, are also available in the higher Gauntlets. So the quests in the Beginner Gauntlet, are also available in all the other Gauntlets.

In each Gauntlet above Beginner, new quest types are available, as well as higher point quests, of the same type found in the lower Gauntlets. The highest point quests available in the Beginner Gauntlet, are all under 160 points.

Guild Fest Quest List

See Guild Fest Quests for a list of all available quests, divided by Gauntlet.

Master Gauntlet Bonus Quests

  • When GF starts, each player is assigned a selection of three random quests. The quests can be seen by clicking on the small scroll icon above "My Quests" and next to your guild ranking button.
  • Players can complete any of the three quests to be awarded the +175 bonus points.


When guild members score points, this will unlock the gift Tiers. In each gift Tier there are 3 different Rewards. After the event has ended, players can collect 1 Reward only, from each of the unlocked Tiers.

  • All guild members over Castle Lv 15 can collect event Rewards, regardless of whether or not they have participated.
  • Players can claim event Rewards within 3 days of the event's end. If players leave their guild before they have claimed the Rewards, they can rejoin the guild within these 3 days, and claim them still.
  • Guilds that reach Gift Tier 8 and are ranked in the Top 5, will get the Ranking Reward.


Tier Total Points
1 1,000
2 3,000
3 6,000
4 10,000
5 14,000
6 18,000
7 22,000
8 26,000
9 30,000
10 34,000
11 38,000
12 42,000
13 46,000
14 50,000
15 54,000
16 58,000
17 62,000
18 66,000
19 70,000
20 74,000
21 86,000
22 98,000
23 110,000
24 122,000
25 142,000
26 163,000
27 185,000


  • Don’t rush to complete all quests at once, pace yourself.
  • Make sure you know what a quest requires before you click it, because once you select it, you are stuck with it.
  • For Send Help quests, ask a guild mate to spam helps, by upgrading a low level resource building and cancelling the upgrade, multiple times.
  • If all mystery boxes are opened as soon as the timer counts down, the average time to open 40 boxes, is 28 hrs.
  • For Spend Guild Coin quests, purchase Migration Scrolls or Rare Jewel Chests in the Guild Shop.

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