Screenshot 20190512-204155

Example of a Lv 1 Hardrox

Monster Manual Edit

DMG Type: Pysical and Magic

Strong Against: High PDEF

Weak Against: Made entirely of stone, the Hardrox can shrug off all physical blows. The only way to defeat it is with magic. Get close and cast away!

Recommended Hero Lineups Edit


Monster Levels 1-2: Bombin' Goblin, Elementalist, Incinerator, Prima Donna and Snow Queen


Monster Levels 1-4: Elementalist, Incinerator, Petite Devil, Storm Fox and Twilight Priestess


*Grey Storm Fox beats gold Sage of Storms, Green Petite Devil beats gold Bombin' Goblin.

*Storm Fox is very important due to the high defences and her Force buff helps heroes partially ignore this. The Hardrox is fairly light on damage and does not knock heroes around so AoE buffs will cover whole team.