The Hardrox is a normal Monster which spawns for two consecutive days in the course of one Monster cycle. It will remain on the Kingdom Map for 2 hours and 55 minutes, or until it is killed. When these monsters are killed, a new monster of the same type will spawn nearby.

The Hardrox is also a Familiar which offers a variety of skills and effects to benefit the player. 

Info Monster Manual Edit

Made entirely of stone, the Hardrox can shrug off all physical blows. The only way to defeat it is with magic. Get close and cast away!

Hero Hero Lineups Edit

Free Edit

Monster Levels 1-2: Bombin' Goblin, Elementalist, Incinerator, Prima Donna and Snow Queen

Monster Levels 3-5: Under Testing


Monster Levels 1-3: Elementalist, Incinerator, Petite Devil, Storm Fox and Twilight Priestess

 Reward Rewards Edit

Monster Lv Material and Chest Grade Speed Up Shield Gems Gold
1 Common General 60m 8h 200 15K
2 Uncommon General 3h 8h 400 50K
3 Rare General 8h 24h 600 50K
4 Epic General 15h 24h 800 200K
5 Legendary General 24h 3d 1,000 600K

Materials Edit

  • Aged Dragonglass
  • Golden Tooth
  • Keystone

Chest Edit

  • Hero


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