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Heroes are unlocked after players Complete Skirmish 2: Ridge Attack. This will unlock the Hero Stages. After completing the tutorial in Normal Stage 1-1 Maiden Battle, by defeating Bellena, the Hero Collection button will become visible on the bottom of the screen.

All players will begin the game with two heroes, Oath Keeper and Death Archer. In addition, new players can choose Death Knight, Incinerator or Scarlet Bolt to receive Hero Medals for in the Daily Login.

Players' leading Heroes can be captured and executed in Prison. After execution, a Hero can be resurrected using a Revival Fruit for 60,000 Guild Coins or 1000 Gems.

Hero.png Hero Collection[]

There are three tabs in a players Hero Collection, which can be viewed on the right side.

Hero collection tabs
Hero Trophies icon.png
Displays all the heroes a player has hired, as well as the heroes they have enough medals to hire.
Medals Needed icon.png
Displays all the heroes, which still require more medals to hire. These include all the free heroes, and any other hero the player has acquired at least one medal for.
Hero Items icon.png
Displays all hero items: Useables, Shards, Blueprints, Medals and Trophies

Hero Profile[]

Tap on a hero in the Hero Collection to learn more about them. If the hero is hired, the information for that specific hero can be viewed. If the hero is not hired, the Max Strength preview will be displayed.

On the left side of the hero profile, the avatar can be viewed. The Name and Alias of the hero is displayed under the avatar. The blue bar on the top left displays the hero's EXP.

Hero Class Icons

Strength Hero


Agility Hero


Intelligence Hero


Hero's Might

Hero might icon.png

Intelligence affects the Attributes MATK, MDEF and Magic CRIT. Strength Affects the Attributes MAX HP and DEF. The main Attribute of Agility Heroes, Dexterity, affects ATK, DEF, Physical CRIT and MDEF.

Hero profile tabs
Hero Trophies icon.png
Displays all the heroes hero's Trophies, Rank, Grade and Medals.
Hero Skills icon.png
Displays the Battle and Hero Skills, as well as the Leadership Type, and the amount of troops the hero can Command.
Hero Attributes icon.png
Displays the hero's Background and Basic Attributes.

Tap List icon.png to view all Attributes and Growth.

Trophies, Rank, Grade and Medals[]

Promote a hero to increase their attributes and Command. Promoted heroes may also learn new skills. To promote a hero, players must gather all the Trophies required. Clear Normal and Elite Hero Stages to collect more trophies.

The Level and Rank of the hero is visible on the top left side of the avatar.

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8

To upgrade a hero, players must collect enough Medals. The higher the grade of the hero, the higher their stats become. Collect medals by completing the Elite Hero Stages of that particular hero. The drop rate for medals is approximately 3.4 per 10 battles. Tap this button Get medals icon.png to view the Hero Stages where Medals for a specific hero can be acquired.

When players have reached VIP Level 6, they will unlock the ability to Sweep the Hero Stages, which automatically completes the battle. Players can only use this ability on a stage, once they have already completed it with 3 Crowns. Sweeps can be carried out individually Sweep1.png or up to 10 times Sweep10.png with one tap.

Heroes which are ready to be promoted or upgraded can be seen with an exclamation mark on their profile. Tap the rank to begin promoting, or the shield with medals to begin upgrading. The hero will be promoted or upgraded when the countdown timer reaches zero. When a hero is promoted or upgraded, the player will gain a small amount of Might. The grade of a hero is signified by the color of the frame surrounding their icon.

To Grade Color Medals to upgrade
Common Common.png 10 (to hire)
Uncommon Uncommon.png 20
Rare Rare.png 50
Epic Epic.png 100
Legendary Legendary.png 150

Attack.png Battle and Hero Skills, Leadership Type and Command[]

Each hero has four Battle Skills. The first skill only activates if the hero is leading troops into battle. The other three are passive skills, which are further divided into two types.

  1. Administration: skills that are activated the moment the hero is hired.and are permanently in effect.
  2. Logistics: skills which will only be applied when the hero is deployed in battle.

When heroes are sent to battle, they can Command troops on the players behalf, effectively increasing the total number of troops that can be sent to battle. Heroes can only Command one specific troop type (infantry, ranged, cavalry, siege engine).

Each hero also has four Hero Skills. The first skill is the hero's Ultimate. These are extremely powerful and can only be activated when the hero has enough MP. The remaining skills are a mix of passive and active skills. Passive skills grant bonuses to the hero or its allies, while active skills can only be used by the hero in combat.

List.png List of Heroes[]

Event Heroes[]

These heroes are available during Special Events. Check on the respective Hero pages to see how to obtain these heroes and their medals.

Medal Name Alias Event Type Class Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
Boommeister medal.png Boommeister Manfred Brandt Dragon Arena Ranged.png STR.png Army DEF Army Max HP Army ATK
Chaos Dragon medal.png Chaos Dragon Gravios 24h Challenge, Hell Event Cavalry.png AGI.png Research Speed Army DEF Army ATK
Watcher medal.png Watcher Deeproot Hell Event Infantry.png STR.png Training Speed Army Max HP Army ATK
Pegasus (Medal).png Pegasus Seiya Collab Event (Saint Shop, Limited Challenge, first Login Gift) Infantry.png STR.png Army Max HP Infantry DEF Infantry ATK

Free Heroes[]

These heroes are available through the completion of the Hero Stages of the statue of the golden oscar.

Medal Name Alias Elite Stage(s) Type Class Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
Black Crow medal.png Black Crow Chadra 1-18



Ranged.png AGI.png Ranged Max HP Ranged DEF Trap ATK
Bombin' Goblin medal.png Bombin' Goblin Tinkus 2-9


Ranged.png INT.png Trap Max HP Trap ATK Army ATK
Child of Light medal.png Child of Light Sparky 4-15


Cavalry.png STR.png Trap Max HP Cavalry Max HP Cavalry ATK
Death Archer medal.png Death Archer Cathiss 4-18


Ranged.png AGI.png Ore Production Trap ATK Ranged ATK
Death Knight medal.png Death Knight Shane 3-18



Cavalry.png STR.png Stone Production Cavalry DEF Cavalry Max HP
Demon Slayer medal.png Demon Slayer Shroud 3-15


Infantry.png AGI.png Infantry Max HP Trap ATK Infantry ATK
Elementalist medal.png Elementalist Rasmus 6-18


Siege.png INT.png Food Production Siege Engine DEF Siege Engine ATK
Incinerator medal.png Incinerator Monica 1-12


Siege.png INT.png Timber Production Siege Engine Max HP Siege Engine ATK
Night Raven medal.png Night Raven Icarus 1-15



Cavalry.png AGI.png Wall DEF Cavalry DEF Cavalry ATK
Oath Keeper medal.png Oath Keeper Wesley 2-3



Infantry.png STR.png Infantry Max HP Food Production Infantry ATK
Prima Donna medal.png Prima Donna Felicia 2-12



Siege.png INT.png Siege Engine Max HP Siege Engine DEF Siege Engine ATK
Rose Knight medal.png Rose Knight Joan 6-12


Cavalry.png STR.png Timber Production Cavalry Max HP Army ATK
Scarlet Bolt medal.png Scarlet Bolt Greta 3-12


Infantry.png AGI.png Construction Speed Infantry DEF Max Energy Boost
Sage of Storms medal.png Sage of Storms Anderson 1-3



Cavalry.png INT.png Construction Speed Trap ATK Cavalry DEF
Sea Squire medal.png Sea Squire Lochfin 1-6



Infantry.png INT.png Stone Production Trap-building Speed Infantry ATK
Snow Queen medal.png Snow Queen Alice 1-9



Ranged.png INT.png Trap DEF Ranged Max HP Ranged ATK
Shade medal.png Shade Blink 3-9


Infantry.png AGI.png Wall DEF Trap-building Speed Infantry DEF
Soul Forger medal.png Soul Forger Drumyr 2-18


Infantry.png STR.png Gold Production Trap DEF Infantry ATK
Trickster medal.png Trickster Tattler 2-6


Ranged.png AGI.png Research Speed Max Energy Boost Energy Regain Speed
Tracker medal.png Tracker Boom-Hilda 2-15


Ranged.png AGI.png Ore Production Ranged DEF Ranged ATK


When you look through the mall, there are various bundles you can buy and these change

Note : Some of these heroes are available as "Limited Challenges" and these timed events will typically allow you to collect up to 10 medals for these heroes.

Medal Name Alias Limited


Type Class Price Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
Barbarian medal.png Barbarian Gothrak Yes
Cavalry.png STR.png $5/15 Cavalry Max HP Army DEF Cavalry ATK
Berserker medal.png Berserker Ursula Yes Infantry.png STR.png $5/10 Army Max HP Army DEF Army ATK
Chronicler Medal.png Chronicler Lisa No Ranged.png INT.png $5/10 Infantry-Ranged Counter Boost Ranged-Cavalry Counter Boost Cavalry-Infantry Counter Boost
Cursed Hunter medal.png Cursed Hunter Joanna No Infantry.png AGI.png $5/15 Merging Speed (Pacts) Infantry ATK Max Coalition Army Size (Wonder)
Dark Follower medal.png Dark Follower Jonas Yes Siege.png INT.png $5/15 Gold Production Research Speed Training Speed
Dark Magister medal.png Dark Magister Har'Kon No Ranged.png INT.png $99/3 Army Max HP Cavalry ATK Ranged ATK
Dream Witch medal.png Dream Witch Eloise Yes Ranged.png INT.png $5/10 Training Speed Army Max HP Army ATK
Don Guapo medal.png Don Guapo Alfonso No Cavalry.png STR.png $5/15 Max Anima Storage Cavalry ATK Max Coalition Army Size (Wonder)
Ethereal Guide medal.png Ethereal Guide Anaya Bonn No Ranged.png AGI.png $5/15 Army Max HP Ranged DEF Ranged ATK
Femme Fatale medal.png Femme Fatale Thorn No Infantry.png AGI.png $5/15 Research Speed Army DEF Infantry ATK
Grim Wolf medal.png Grim Wolf Fenrir Yes Infantry.png AGI.png $5/10 Army Max HP Infantry DEF Infantry ATK
Grove Guardian medal.png Grove Guardian Forest Yes Ranged.png STR.png $5/10 Ranged Max HP Ranged DEF Ranged ATK
Lightweaver medal.png Lightweaver Elora No Infantry.png AGI.png $99/3 Army Max HP Ranged ATK Infantry ATK
Lore Weaver medal.png Lore Weaver Thaila No Cavalry.png INT.png $5/10 Army Max HP Army DEF Army ATK
Magmaroid medal.png Magmaroid Vulcan No Infantry.png STR.png $5/10 Infantry DEF Infantry ATK Crafting Speed
Mastercook medal.png Mastercook Ramsay No Ranged.png AGI.png $5/10 Ranged Max HP Army DEF Ranged ATK
Petite Devil medal.png Petite Devil Beatrix Yes Ranged.png INT.png $5/15 Research Speed Ranged Max HP Ranged ATK
Prince of Thieves medal.png Prince of Thieves Kassim No Infantry.png AGI.png $5/15 Research Speed Army DEF Army ATK
Shape Shifter medal.png Shape Shifter Lilith No Cavalry.png STR.png $99/3 Army Max HP Infantry ATK Cavalry ATK
Snail Princess medal.png Snail Princess Shelley No Ranged.png INT.png $5/15 Familiar Training Lv XP Ranged ATK Max Coalition Army Size (Wonder)
Songstress medal.png Songstress of The Sea Coral No Ranged.png INT.png $5/15 Army Max HP Army DEF Army ATK
Steambot medal.png Steambot S.A.M. No Cavalry.png STR.png $5/15 Cavalry Max HP Cavalry DEF Cavalry ATK
Storm Fox medal.png Storm Fox Mizuki No Cavalry.png INT.png $5/15 Training Speed Army Max HP Army ATK
The Big Guy medal.png The Big Guy One Eye No Infantry.png STR.png Construction Speed Infantry DEF Infantry ATK
Hero-twilightpriestess-medal.png Twilight Priestess Kauket No Infantry.png INT.png $5/10 Infantry Max HP Infantry DEF Infantry ATK
Hero-vengefulcentaur-medal.png Vengeful Centaur Tarkus Yes Cavalry.png STR.png $5/15 Research Speed Army DEF Cavalry ATK
Witch Doll medal.png Witch Doll Astre Yes Cavalry.png INT.png $5/10 Construction Speed Research Speed Training Speed

Tips.png Tips[]

Trickster, Scarlet Bolt and Sage of Storms are often referred to as "The Golden Trio", because they are the heroes players should upgrade to Legendary grade first, due to their Administration Skills. Intelligence Heroes are often called "Magic" Heroes, and Agility Heroes are called "Physical", while Strength Heroes are referred to as "Tanks".

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Paid Heroes BarbarianBerserkerChroniclerCursed HunterDark FollowerDark MagisterDon GuapoDream WitchEthereal GuideFemme FataleGrim WolfGrove GuardianLightweaverLore WeaverMagmaroidMastercookPetite DevilPrince of ThievesShape ShifterSnail PrincessSongstress of the SeaSteambotStorm FoxThe Big GuyTwilight PriestessVengeful CentaurWitch Doll

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