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Hero Stages are unlocked after completing Skirmish 2: Ridge Attack. Hero Stages are a central feature in Lords Mobile, since completing them is required to unlock most of the Heroes in the game. The player must use a team of up to 5 different Heroes to battle enemy NPCs, with the level of difficulty increasing with each stage. Each stage costs a number of Stamina (STA) to enter, depending on which of the three Modes is selected.

To access Hero Stages, click on the golden hero statue in the middle of the Turf, then select a stage, or use the left and right arrows to navigate between different chapters.

Normal.png Normal Mode[]

Normal Hero Stages consist of 8 main Chapters, which have 18 stages each. Every third stage (the "main stage") can be re-entered after completion, but the two stages in-between cannot be re-entered. Each stage costs 6 Stamina to enter (8 for Chapter 8). Upon completion, a main stage will be marked with a number of crowns over the Boss icon, depending on the number of your heroes that died in the battle:

Hero Deaths No. of Crowns
None Crown.png Crown.png Crown.png
One - Two Crown.png Crown.png
Three - Four Crown.png

Elite.png Elite Mode[]

Elite Hero Stages consist only of the main stages for each Chapter, with the difficulty increased, and allow the player to collect Hero Medals as rewards. Each stage costs 12 Stamina to enter (16 for Chapter 8). Like Normal Mode, each stage will be marked with Crowns depending on how many heroes died in the battle. To access the Elite Stages, players must complete the Normal mode for that stage, with all three Crowns.

Challenge.png Challenge Mode[]

Challenge Stages are unlocked after completing Elite Chapter 4. Each chapter consist of the 18 Normal Stages, but with special restrictions imposed on the player. Challenge Stages require no Stamina to enter, and will reward Gems upon completion. Each challenge can only be completed once. Upon completing a Chapter, three additional challenges (trials) for each main stage will be unlocked.

Heart.png Sweeping[]

When players have reached VIP Level 6, they will unlock the ability to Sweep main stages, which automatically completes the battle, if the player has enough Stamina to do so. Players can only use this ability on a Normal or Elite stage completed with 3 Crowns. Sweeps can be carried out individually Sweep1.png or up to 10 times with one tap Sweep10.png. Sweeping Elite stages allows the player to quickly collect Hero medals; medals will be rewarded approximately every 3rd sweep.

List.png List of Chapters[]

Click one of the Chapters below to view individual Stages for that Chapter.

Trivia.png Trivia[]

  • Challenge Stages were introduced in March of 2017.

Eye.png See also[]

Hero Stage.png Hero Stages
Chapter 1: Heroes' Assault 1-11-21-31-41-51-61-71-81-91-101-111-121-131-141-151-161-171-18
Chapter 2: Dwarf Kingdom 2-12-22-32-42-52-62-72-82-92-102-112-122-132-142-152-162-172-18
Chapter 3: Ghostly Wind 3-13-23-33-43-53-63-73-83-93-103-113-123-133-143-153-163-173-18
Chapter 4: Beastly Showdown 4-14-24-34-44-54-64-74-84-94-104-114-124-134-144-154-164-174-18
Chapter 5: Dark Curse 5-15-25-35-45-55-65-75-85-95-105-115-125-135-145-155-165-175-18
Chapter 6: Dreamfall 6-16-26-36-46-56-66-76-86-96-106-116-126-136-146-156-166-176-18
Chapter 7: Way of Fire 7-17-27-37-47-57-67-77-87-97-107-117-127-137-147-157-167-177-18
Chapter 8: Goddess' Trial 8-18-28-38-48-58-68-78-88-98-108-118-128-138-148-158-168-178-18

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