The Hero Stages are unlocked after players complete Skirmish 2, Ridge Attack. The player must use a team of up to 5 Heroes to battle NPCs in the Hero Stages, with the levels of difficulty increasing with each stage. The player is required to use Stamina (STA) to battle in the Hero Stages.

There are 8 Chapters in the Hero Stages, which have 18 stages each. In every Chapter there are two different types or stages. There are 6 main stages, which the player can reenter after they have completed the stage. The other 12 stages in between these main stages, cannot be accessed after they have been completed.

If a main stage is completed without any of the players heroes dying, it will be marked with 3 Crowns. If one or more of the players heroes die during the battle, the stage will be marked with 1-2 Crowns.

There are three modes in the Hero Stages:

STA Cost
Normal Normal 6-8
Elite Elite 12-16
Challenge Challenge 0

In order to access the Elite stages, players must complete the Normal mode for that stage, with all three Crowns.

When players have reached VIP Level 6, they will unlock the ability to Sweep the Hero Stages, which automatically completes the battle. Players can only use this ability on a stage, once they have already completed it with 3 Crowns. Sweeps can be carried out individually Sweep1 or up to 10 times with one tap Sweep10.

The Recommended Hero Line Ups and Rewards for completing the Hero Stages can be found on the individual Chapter pages.

Crown Chapter Bosses Edit

Chapter 1: Heroes' Assault Edit

Chapter 2: Dwarf Kingdom Edit

Chapter 3: Ghostly Wind Edit

Chapter 4: Beastly Showdown Edit

Chapter 5: Dark Curse Edit

  • 5-3 Snow Queen
  • 5-6 Black Crow
  • 5-9 Scarlet Bolt
  • 5-12 Shade
  • 5-15 Death Knight
  • 5-18 Demon Slayer

Chapter 6: Dreamfall Edit

Chapter 7: Way of Fire Edit

  • 7-3 Death Archer
  • 7-6 Tracker
  • 7-9 Soul Forger
  • 7-12 Bombin' Goblin
  • 7-15 Night Raven
  • 7-18 Incinerator

Chapter 8: Goddess' Trial Edit

  • 8-3 Oath Keeper
  • 8-6 Sage of Storms
  • 8-9 Rose Knight
  • 8-12 Death Knight
  • 8-15 Elementalist
  • 8-18 Snow Queen


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