Hero Stages

6-18 normal

Hero Stages Edit

Hero Stages are unlocked once you beat Skrimish Battle 2, The player have to create a team of up to 5 heroes, mixing and matching skill sets in order to pass levels of increasing difficulty. As the player progresses stages will unlock with new items which are needed to boost your heroes further up in both Level and Rank. Once Chapter 1 have been completed Elite Stages will be unlocked, in which the player can also gain medals to upgrade a Hero's Grade.

There's a total of 18 stages for each Chapter on Normal and 6 on Elite, the ladder jumping to every third tile.

Each Battle costs 6 STA for normal and 12 for Elite. Once VIP 6 have been unlocked the player will also gain Sweeping. The ability to auto win any Stage immidietly provided they've beaten it on 3 Stars.

Heroes' Assault Edit

Main Article: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 introduces the player to Hero Stages, it's a relatively easy Chapter that hopes to mentally prepare the player on mechanics. It introduces and adds Sage of Storms aswell as Prima Donna to the team Roster.

1-3 Sage of Storms. 1-6 Sea Squire. 1-9 Snow Queen. 1-12 Incinerator. 1-15 Night Raven. 1-18 Black Crow

Dwarf Kingdom Edit

Main Article: Chapter 2

As Chapter 2 begins Hero Stages become more dangerous, new heroes and minions are introduced that have special attacks of themself.

2-3 Oath Keeper. 2-6 Trickster. 2-9 Bombin' Goblin. 2-12 Prima Donna. 2-15 Tracker. 2-18 Soul Forger

Ghostly Wind Edit

Main Article: Chapter 3

3-3 Black Crow. 3-6 Oath Keeper. 3-9 Shade. 3-12 Scarlet Bolt. 3-15 Demon Slayer. 3-18 Death Knight

Beastly Showdown Edit

Main Article: Chapter 4

4-3 Sage of Storms. 4-6 Sea Squire. 4-9 Prima Donna. 4-12 Night Raven. 4-15 Child of Light. 4-18 Death Archer

Dark Curse Edit

Main Article: Chapter 5

5-3 Snow Queen. 5-6 Black Crow. 5-9 Scarlet Crow. 5-12 Shade. 5-15 Death Knight. 5-18 Shade.

Dreamfall Edit

Main Article: Chapter 6

6-3 Sea Squire. 6-6 Trickster. 6-9 Child of Light. 6-12 Rose Knight. 6-15 Prima Donna. 6-18 Elementalist.

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