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The Kingdom Map is the screen in Lords Mobile where players can view Kingdom components, such as players, resources, and wonders. Players can re-enter their own Turf, by tapping Turf icon.png in the bottom left corner. Players can enter the World Map by tapping the World Map Button.png World Map button.

Map Elements[]

The Kingdom Map consists of a 2.5-dimensional grid of tiles on a coordinate plane from (X:0,Y:0) to (X:511,Y:1023). Individual tile positions can be saved as a Bookmark, be Pinned, or posted into the Chat.

Terrain features consist of:

  • Grasslands
  • Forests
  • Tundras
  • Magma Fields
  • Lava Hills
  • Rock Piles
  • Lakes
  • Shores
  • Wonder's Province
  • Wonder's Land.

Any terrain tile can be considered occupied if some other feature, such as a castle or resource tile, takes its position. Lakes, Shores, and Wonder's Land tiles cannot be occupied.

Non-terrain map elements include:

Kingdom Overview[]

In the Kingdom Overview players can view the map of a Kingdom.

An Overview of the Kingdom Map can be viewed by tapping the Kingdom Overview.png button on the left side of the screen. The Overview is shown below:


Tapping on the Resource Resource Tile icon.png button will reveal the Resource Tile Chart, shown below:

Resource Tiles Chart.jpg

Overlord.png Kingdom

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