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Kingdom Tycoon is unlocked after clearing Skirmish 8 and reaching Castle Lv 21. Players must use Luck Tokens to advance on the Map. Map tiles may reward players with items or special effects. The goal is to reach the end of the map, where players will encounter a Gemming Gremlin waving a black and white checkered flag. Players may also encounter other Gemming Gremlins along the way. The player gets one free roll every day at their Daily Reset Time.

The map will be reset when the end is reached. If the time runs out, the map will reset and the player will be sent back to the beginning. The timer can be viewed in the top left corner.

Reward.png Rewards[]

Most spaces give various in-game rewards like Resources, Speed Ups, Merging Speed Ups, Blazing Embers, Archaic Tomes, Chests, Pacts, and more.

Some spaces are marked purple, landing on them will award the player a Free Roll. There are also Dice spaces, landing on them automatically force the player to move forward the specified number of spaces shown for free, and ? Dice spaces, landing on them allows the player to roll again to move forward for free.

Gemming Gremlin.png Gemming Gremlin and Jackpot[]

At the end of each map, there is a Gemming Gremlin waiting, waving a flag. Additional Gemming Gremlins may be found across the map (requires landing exactly on them to encounter them), along with a small chance of instantly encountering a Gemming Gremlin after a dice roll.

An encounter with a Gemming Gremlin will reward the player with Gems. The player will be allowed to open 3 capsules, each of them contains 300 to 1000 Gems, or a small chance of containing a Prize Bag instead.

  • Get 1 Prize Bag to win 1% of the Gem Stash
  • Get 2 Prize Bags to win 10% of the Gem Stash
  • Get 3 Prize Bags to win the ENTIRE Gem Stash!

The Gem Stash (Jackpot) value starts at 1,000,000 Gems and can be seen in the bottom-left corner, and tapping on the treasure reveals the three most recent winners who got at least 2 Prize Bags.

While in the Kingdom Tycoon, a congratulations message is shown when any player in any Kingdom gets at least one Prize Bag. While outside of the Kingdom Tycoon, a congratulations message is shown when any player in your Kingdom gets at least one Prize Bag.

Tycoon Update[]

Tycoon Update.png

During the Tycoon Update, limited edition prizes (including Monster Chests, rare Materials and Familiar pacts) will change for 7 days based on the following rotation:

The Gemming Gremlin will also hoard more Gems during the Tycoon Update.

Sanctuary.png Utilities

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