Kingdom v Kingdom aka KvK is where Kingdoms all over Lords Mobile are able to fight each other, as you fight and get kills/wounded you'll gain points and these points will contribute to your Kingdoms overall point count. You'll receive 5x more points when you kill troops rather than wound. The whole objective of Kingdom v Kingdom is to capture opposing Kingdoms wonders.

Not much info is known about KvK yet however this page will be updated when it is more revealed.

Train troops, push your might and get prepared for it!

Kingdom v Kingdom


If Gems is what you're looking for then Kingdom versus Kingdom is for you. GemLodes will be available to gather from according to how well your Kingdom performs. Make sure you complete the Research in Economy that all leads to the goal of Gem Harvesting.

Then when Gem Harvesting is unlocked the day before the Kingdom versus Kingdom Event begins, you willl be in advanced state of readiness to gather Gems as fast as it is possible to do!

GemLodes spawn for 24 hours after event ends every 6 hours starting with lvl1s and increasing depending on your kingdoms rank.

Kingdom versus Kingdom is a long awaited Event in Lords MobileEdit

You can use a Regular or Random Relocator to port your Castle to a Turf in any participating Kingdom for 4 hours

Random Relocator

Random Relocator

Random Relocator - Transfer

Random Relocator - Transfer

Kingdom versus Kingdom works like this:Edit

Kingdom WarsEdit


Kingdom Wars

Occupy WondersEdit

Occupy Wonders

Occupy Wonders

Kill Rival Kingdom SoldiersEdit

Kill Rival KIngdom Soldiers

Kill Rival Kingdom Soldiers

Kill Rival Kingdom MonstersEdit

Hunt Rival KIngdom Monsterss

Kill Rival Kingdom Monsters

Guild War RewardsEdit


Guild War Rewards

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Kingdom wars