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Introduction Edit

This structure was released in the January 24th, 2017 update. It is unlocked by completing Skirmish 8.

Inside the Labyrinth the player will encounter Dark-Frostwings and occasionally Gem Gremlins.


  1. Normal is unlocked by clearing Skirmish 8.
  2. Elite is unlocked by purchasing a pack in the Mall, which contains Labyrinth (Elite) Access (Gold Pack).
Champion Bundle

Holy Stars Edit

To attack the monsters in Labyrinth, a currency called Holy Stars is used. It costs 100 Holy Stars for 1 hit in Normal difficulty, and 1000 Holy Stars for a hit in Elite difficulty. Each hit grants one Reward. In Elite Labyrinth, hits give x11 the Rewards given for a Normal hit. Players are given 1 free hit daily, in Labyrinth.

Holy Stars can be purchased in-game with Gems for various exchange rates. These range from 10 Holy Stars for 30 Gems, to 10K Holy stars for 20K Gems. Holy Stars can also be acquired in small amounts from hunting regular monsters in the Kingdom, and in large amounts from hunting Phantom Knights and Bon Viveurs during special events, like Phantom Pains. There are also Special Bundles, or Packs, containing Holy Stars, which can be purchased.

Divine Blessing Edit

When Divine Blessing is activated, players don't need to use Holy Stars to hit the monster in Labyrinth, as it is free. This can last anywhere from 3-40 hits. The exact number has not been verified. Leaving the Labyrinth when Divine Blessing is activated, has no effect.

Encountering a Boss Edit

The Dark-Frostwing takes 10 hits to be defeated, and usually another Dark-Frostwing shows up in its place. Sometimes however a Gem Gremlin (aka Boss or Divine Guardian) appears instead. The reward for hitting a Boss is 300 to 1000 Gems, and they typically run away after a few hits.

It is unknown how many hits a Boss can take, but defeating them will grant a Jackpot payout. The last three winners of the Jackpot, can be viewed on the right side of the Labyrinth, and winners in your kingdom have a marquee message show up when the win. Like any gamble or lottery there are many entrants but very few winners.

Tips Edit

Encountering a Boss can cost anywhere between 1-30k Holy Stars. To improve the chance of one appearing, do only 1-3 rounds at a time. If no Boss appears, exit the Labyrinth, and try again in a couple hrs.

Rewards Edit


Chest Turf Boost Item Resource
Rare Jewel Build Boost 10% 1h

Research Boost 10% 1h

Training Boost 10% 1h


Energy 20,000

Equipment Quill

Gold 6M

Gold 2M

Gold 600K

Labyrinth Rewards

Special Events Edit

There are two different Special Events, that rotate in Labyrinth:

  • Labyrinth Alert: The Dark-Frostwing is replaced by a different monster. The Rewards are changed, and can contain Ultra Rare Materials for four types of monsters.
  • Secret Stash: The Jackpot starts at 1 million Gems as opposed to 0 Gems (Note: Text says 10 million Gems is referring the fact Elite difficulty has a prize that x11 that of Normal)
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