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Lords Cup lasts 24 hours and has four Matches which begin every 6 hours, and last for 120 minutes each. At the start of each Match, balls will spawn in the Ball Zone, which players can kick into Goals with their troops to score points. The goals are Wonders and Darknests

Ball.png Gameplay[]

To view the Ball Zone, tap on the Kingdom Overview button Kingdom Overview.png on the Kingdom Map.

Balls kicked to the Base and Forts will disappear, and respawn on the map. When a ball hits a Darknest, the Darknest will disappear instead, and a new one will respawn close by. When the ball lands, points are given for the tile it lands on, plus the eight tiles around it. So if a player kicks the ball in the middle of two Darknests, they will get points for both.

If a ball lands on an obstacle, either a resource tile, monster, castle, camp, lake, shore or another ball, it will roll onto the next empty tile, in the same direction. If a ball is kicked, or rolls, out of the Kingdom map, it will disappear.

Points.png Points[]

Points accumulated from all 4 matches will go towards a players final score.

Points accumulated from all members in a guild, will go towards the final guild score.

The Base 26,000 Points
Forts 2,000 Points
Darknests Points
Lv 1 100
Lv 2 130
Lv 3 160
Lv 4 200
Lv 5 400
Lv 6 500

Troop.png Troops and Ball Skills[]

Troops will automatically be grouped by Tier when they are deployed to kick a ball.

  • All four troop types run at different speeds in this event, like they usually do.
  • A players fastest troop types will automatically be deployed.
Tier Kick Distance Requires Cooldown
Punt.png 1 Punt 5 tiles 10,000 5 seconds
Tap.png 2 Tap 2 tiles 20,000 10 seconds
Shoot.png 3 Shoot 10 tiles 100,000 30 seceonds
Volley.png 4 Volley 15 tiles 200,000 10 seconds

Travel.png Travel Speed Boost[]

  • Every time a player kicks the same ball consecutively, they get a Travel Speed Boost.
  • Players can find the ball they last kicked by clicking on this icon Your Ball.png on the Kingdom Map.
  • When a player kicks the same ball 7 times, they will reach the Max Travel Speed Boost.
  • Players will keep their Travel Speed Boost, even if someone kicks the ball away from them.
  • Players will lose their Travel Speed Boost, if they kick a different ball, if they hit a Fort or the Base, or if they kick the ball out of the Kingdom Map.
Consecutive shots Travel Speed Boost
1 +0%
2 +150%
3 +250%
4 +400%
5 +600%
6 +850%
7+ +1200%

Reward.png Rewards[]

Solo Cup[]

Total Value: 60,600
Checkpoint Points Chest Speed Up Item Resource Value
1 2,600 General 3h Winged Boots I Ore.png 150K

Stone.png 150K

Timber.png 150K

2 7,800 Rare Material x3 General 15h

General 8h


Winged Boots I x3

Food.png 500K x2

Gold.png 50K x2

3 26,000 Epic Material x5

Monstrous x3

General 24h x2

General 8h x2

Training 15h x2

Training 8h x2

Energy.png 5,000

Gem.png 1,500

Star icon.png 1,000

Uncommon Blazing Ember

Winged Boots II x3

Food.png 2M

Gold.png 200K

Ore.png 1.5M

Stone.png 1.5M x2

Timber.png 1.5M x2


Guild Cup[]

All members of the guild will receive the Guild Rewards when a checkpoint in reached.

Checkpoint Points Chest
1 50,000 Uncommon Guild Cup Chest x3
2 120,000 Rare Guild Cup Chest x4
3 300,000 Epic Guild Cup Chest x5

Ranking Rewards[]

The top 30 guilds that have completed all three checkpoints, will receive the Ranking Rewards.

Rank Chest Speed Up Item Resource Total Value
1 Epic Material x3

Gargantua x5

Grim Reaper x5

Hell Drider x5

Legendary Jewel

Legendary Material x4

Maggot x5

Noceros x5

Saberfang x5

General 15h x2 Army ATK Boost (20%)

Gems x1,300

Winged Boots II x3

Food 2M x2

Gold 200K

Ore 1.5M x2

Stone 1.5M x3

Timber 1.5M x3

2 Epic Jewel

Epic Material x3

Gargantua x2

Grim Reaper x4

Hell Drider x4

Legendary Material x3

Maggot x4

Noceros x4

General 8h x2 Army ATK Boost (20%)

Gems x900

Winged Boots II x2

Food 2M x2

Gold 50K x3

Ore 1.5M

Stone 1.5M x2

Timber 1.5M x2

3 Epic Material x2

Gargantua x3

Grim Reaper x3

Hell Drider x3

Legendary Material x2

Maggot x3

Noceros x3

General 8h Army ATK Boost (20%)

Gems x600

Winged Boots II

Food 2M x2

Gold 50K x2

Ore 1.5M

Stone 1.5M x2

Timber 1.5M

4-10 Epic Material x2

Gargantua x2

Grim Reaper x2

Hell Drider x2

Maggot x2

General 3h x2 Anti-Scout (24h)

Army ATK Boost (20%)

Gather Boost (50%) 24h

Gems x400

Food 2M x2

Gold 50K x2

Ore 1.5M

Stone 1.5M

Timber 1.5M

11-30 Gargantua x2

Grim Reaper x2

Hell Drider x2

Maggot x2

Rare Material x2

General 3h Anti-Scout (24h)

Army ATK Boost (20%)

Gather Boost (50%) 24h

Gems x300

Food 2M

Gold 50K x2

Ore 500K x2

Stone 1.5M

Timber 1.5M


Box.png Tips[]

Solo Cup is quite easy to complete with the right troops and a little time to play, and the rewards are worthwhile, as Monstrous Chests and Blazing Embers can be obtained.

Easy Free to Play Strategy[]

  1. Just before a Match begins, use Random Relocators, or a Relocator, to find a spot in the Ball Zone.
  2. Equip Speed Boost Equipment.
  3. When the Match begins, locate a ball and kick it around close by, until the Max Travel Speed Boost is reached.
  4. Continue to kick the same ball around to hit the Darknests nearby, until Solo Cup is completed.

Troop Requirements:

  • 30-50k Tier 1 troops, and 20-60k Tier 2 troops (Cavalry ideally).

Box 2.png Trivia[]

Lords Cup was introduced to Lords Mobile during FIFA World Cup 2018.

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