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Luminary Avengers are Tier 5 Siege Engine Troops. To unlock and train them, the following is required:

Healing Luminary Avengers in the Infirmary will also cost Lunite along with the other resources.

Troop.png Troop Info[]

Soldier Type Counters Countered by
Siege.png Siege Engine Wall.png Castle Wall

Trap.png Traps

Infantry.png Infantry

Ranged.png Ranged

Cavalry.png Cavalry

Might.png Might Upkeep Capacity
48 5 42
Attack Defense Hitpoints Speed
★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ -

Points.png Training Cost[]

Cost per Luminary Avenger:

Luminous Gear.png Luminous Gears Destroyers Clock.png Orig. Training Time
1 1 Instant

Cost per Luminous Gear:

Lunite.png Lunite Food.png Food Stone.png Stone Timber.png Timber Ore.png Ore Gold.png Gold Clock.png Orig. Crafting Time
100 100 100 100 100 50 60s

Cost per Destroyer:

Food.png Food Stone.png Stone Timber.png Timber Ore.png Ore Gold.png Gold Clock.png Orig. Training Time
1000 1000 1000 1000 500 120s

Research.png Research[]

Unlocks Tier 5 Siege Engine [Luminary Avenger]

Upgrade Results[]

Level Result Might Requires Orig. Time
1 Unlocks Luminary Avenger 2,076,405 Academy: Lv.25

Crafting Speed II: Lv.10

Crafting Capacity: Lv.10

290d 13:43:00

Resource Requirements[]

Level Food Stone Timber Ore Gold Archaic Tome
1 23,426,805 5,856,702 5,856,702 5,856,702 13,731,959 593

Trivia.png Trivia[]

  • The Luminary Avenger was introduced in Feb 2020.

Gear Research Tree
Quick Maneuvers III

Ration Run IVCentral Command IIForced March III

Field Triage IIBigger Bags III

Bigger Infirmary IIIBarracks Expansion II

Lunar Foundry

Crafting Speed ILunite HarvestingLunite Storage

Infantry Defense IISiege Toughness IIRanged Defense IICavalry Defense II

Infantry Health IISiege Durability IIRanged Health IICavalry Health II

Infantry Offense IISiege Attack IIRanged Offense IICavalry Offense II

Crafting Speed IICrafting Capacity

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