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Luminous Gears are used in the Barrack to upgrade Tier 4 Troops to Tier 5. Luminous Gears are crafted in the Lunar Foundry. Each Luminous Gear adds 12 Might.

Each Luminous Gear costs the following, assuming the Gear research tree is complete:

Lunite.png Lunite Food.png Food Stone.png Stone Timber.png Timber Ore.png Ore Gold.png Gold Clock.png Orig. Crafting Time
100 100 100 100 100 50 60s

Luminous Gears are combined with T4 soldiers at a 1:1 rate to create T5 soldiers of the corresponding troop type. For example, to train a batch of 5,000 Luminary Guards would require 5,000 Luminous Gears and 5,000 Heroic Fighters.

Crafting Speed and Crafting Capacity (amount of Gears that can be crafted at once) can be increased through upgrading the Lunar Foundry, through Research, and through Steampath equipment and jewels available in mall bundles.

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