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Materials are used to forge Equipment. Collected Materials can be viewed in the Cabinet in the Workshop, under the Material Fusion tab.

Materials have five Grades. Players can upgrade Materials by fusing 4 of the same effect and grade.

Material Grades
Common.png Common
Uncommon.png Uncommon
Rare.png Rare
Epic.png Epic
Legendary.png Legendary

List.png Resource Materials[]

Resource Materials can obtained from Resource Tiles when Gathering, as well as from Turf Quests, Admin Quests and Guild Quests. They can also be obtained from Material Chests.

Rich Vein Tile.png Rich Veins[]

  • Coal.png Coal: Sedimentary rock formed from fossilized plants over millions of years.
  • Minerals.png Minerals: Fine powder milled from various minerals.
  • Metal.png Metal: Shiny, hard and malleable material.

Field Tile.png Fields[]

  • Linen.png Linen: Common textile woven from flax plant fibers.
  • Fur Pelt.png Fur Pelt: Extremely soft hide from a rare beast.
  • Vines.png Vines: Tenacious plant with stems that cling to anything.

Woods Tile.png Woods[]

  • Feather.png Feather: A bird plume.
  • Logs.png Logs: Sawed timber.
  • Ancient Bark.png Ancient Bark: Ancient piece of tree bark that wards off bugs.

Rocks Tile.png Rocks[]

  • Platinum.png Platinum: Light and hardy metal that is stronger than steel.
  • Amber.png Amber: A gemstone prized for its red and golden hues.
  • Copper Coil.png Copper Coil: A coil of highly malleable copper.
  • Lava Mud.png Lava Mud: Earthen material extracted from extinct volcanoes.

Monster.png Monster Materials[]

Monster Materials can be obtained from Monster Hunting and from Monster Chests. They can also be obtained from the Labyrinth rewards and purchased in special Bundles.

Note.png Other Materials[]

These Materials can only be obtained from special Bundles, Cargo Ship trades and Event rewards:

Unique Archaic TomeBookmark SpaceCabinet ExpanderCrystal PickaxeDevil's CapEmote StampEnergyEquipment QuillFinish DemolitionGold Discount CardGold HammerGravelHoly StarLicense to KillLuck TokenMonster Hunter ATK BoostName-Changer (NicknameGuildGuild Tag) • Quest Scroll (Admin)Quest Scroll (Guild)Relocator (RandomMigration ScrollPower KeyRoyal PassNovice Relocator) • Revival FruitSoul CrystalStar ScrollSteel CuffsTalent ResetTalent TomeTechnolabeVIP PointWar TomeWithdraw Squad
Resource Food (Boost) • Stone (Boost) • Timber (Boost) • Ore (Boost) • Gold (Boost) • Lunite (Luminous Gear) • AnimaPlayer EXP (Boost)
Speed Up Speed Up (ResearchHealingTrainingMergingWall RepairCrafting) • Travel BoostBuild BoostResearch BoostTraining BoostGather BoostPact Merging BoostWinged BootsMystic Carpet
Combat ShieldAnti-ScoutFalse InfoArmy ATK BoostArmy DEF BoostArmy Size BoostReduce Upkeep
Chest ChestHero ChestMaterial ChestJewel ChestMonster Chest
Currencies Event CurrenciesDragiteGemsGuild CoinsRoyal PointsFeudal PointsChalice Points
Hero Honeybaked HamLamb ChopsRoast TurkeyBraised BeefBraveheartMedalTrophy
Familiar Ancient CoreChaos CoreBright Talent OrbBrilliant Talent OrbFragmentEXP PotionEXP ElixirPactRuneSkillstone
Equipment EquipmentJewelSigilMaterialBlazing EmberChiselExtractor