Mega maggot

Example of a Lv 1 Mega Maggot

Monster Manual Edit

DMG Type: Physical

Strong Against: High PDEF

Weak Against: The Mega Maggot's mighty tail packs a massive sting! Its venom deals continuous damage, so remember to heal your heroes.

Use skills that deal Magic Damage to bring it down!

Recommended Hero Lineups Edit


Monster Levels 1-2: Bombin' Goblin, Elementalist, Incinerator, Sage of Storms and Snow Queen


Monster Levels 1-3: Dream Witch, Incinerator, Petite Devil, Sage of Storms and Storm Fox

Monster Levels 4: Child of Light, Dream Witch, Elementalist, Incinerator and Storm Fox

Rewards Edit

Materials Edit

  • Corrosive Toxin
  • Maggot teeth
  • Mega Barb
  • Mega Egg-sac
  • Maggot Tail


Material Shield Gems Speed Up Hero Chest
1 Common 8h 200 General 60m Common
2 Uncommon 8h 400 General 3h Uncommon
3 Rare 24h 600 General 8h Rare
4 Epic 24h 800 General 15h Epic
5 Legendary 2d 1,000 General 24h Legendary