A player's Might.pngMight is a measure of their overall strength in Lords Mobile. Might can be lost if Troops are injured or killed, and if Traps are damaged or destroyed. Might will also be lost if buildings are demolished. Might can be increased through eight methods.

The total might of any player can be viewed by tapping on their Turf, on the Kingdom Map. It can also be viewed by tapping on a players profile. Players can view their own might in their profile, divided by type, by tapping on this button Graph.png and scrolling down to the Might section.

Troops.png Troops[edit | edit source]

Training Troops gives the following amount of might.

Tier Might
Per Unit
T1 Troop 2
T2 Troop 8
T3 Troop 24
T4 Troop 36
T5 Troops 48

Traps.png Traps[edit | edit source]

Building Traps gives the following amount of might.

Tier Might
Per Unit
T1 Trap 2
T2 Trap 3
T3 Trap 4
T4 Trap 5

Build.png Buildings[edit | edit source]

See the individual Buildings for Might amounts.

Scroll.png Quests[edit | edit source]

Only one kind of quest boosts the player's Might. These are the various types of Turf Quests.

Research.png Research[edit | edit source]

See the individual Research projects for Might amounts.

EXP.png Player Level[edit | edit source]

See the main page for Player EXP.

Hero.png Hero Armies[edit | edit source]

Player Might can be boosted by hiring Heroes, and upgrading their Grade, or color. It can also be gained by Promoting Heroes, to improve their Rank. This shows up under Hero Might category in the Player Might split up. Any hero upgraded to Rank 8 and made Gold in any order of upgrading will contribute 1 Million might to the total player might.

Note.png Note: This is not the same as the Hero Might for the individual Heroes a player has hired.

The might gained for upgrading Heroes Grade, or color, depends on the Rank of the Hero and vise versa. The higher the Rank and Grade, the higher the increase in might will be.

Heroes can be upgraded and promoted over time, or players can spend Gems to upgrade them instantly.

Might for Upgrading Heroes[edit | edit source]

Rank Rank1.png Rank2.png Rank3.png Rank4.png Rank5.png Rank6.png Rank7.png Rank8.png Clock.png
Grey to Green 1,500 5,000 9,000 15,000 22,500 32,500 45,000 50,000 15 min
Green to Blue 3,000 10,000 18,000 30,000 45,000 65,000 90,000 100,000 1 hour
Blue to Purple 6,000 20,000 36,000 60,000 90,000 130,000 180,000 200,000 5 hours
Purple to Gold 18,000 60,000 108,000 180,000 270,000 390,000 540,000 600,000 1 day 6 hours

Might for Promoting Heroes[edit | edit source]

Grade Common.png Uncommon.png Rare.png Epic.png Legendary.png Clock.png
Hire 1,500 - - - - -
One to Two 3,500 7,000 14,000 28,000 70,000 5 min
Two to Three 4,000 8,000 16,000 32,000 80,000 13 min
Three to Four 6,000 10,000 20,000 40,000 100,000 30 min
Four to Five 7,500 15,000 24,000 48,000 120,000 1 hour
Five to Six 7,500 15,000 30,000 60,000 150,000 2 hours
Six to Seven 10,000 20,000 40,000 80,000 200,000 4 hours
Seven to Eight 12,500 25,000 50,000 100,000 250,000 8 hours
Total 50,000 97,000 194,000 388,000 970,000 -

Familiar.png Familiars[edit | edit source]

See the individual Familiars for Might amounts.

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