Migration Scroll allows a player to transfer their castle to an unrestricted Kingdom of their choice.

Question How to Obtain

Migration scrolls can be purchased from the Guild Shop, priced at 810000 Guild Coins, or they can be purchased in the bundle Up and Away.
They can also be obtained as one of the possible gifts of the Guild Fest.

Migration Process

  • If a player's Castle level is under level 6 and they haven't used their two Novice Relocators to move already, they can only use their Novice Relocator to move their turf.
  • If player's Castle is level 6 or above, then they have to use a migration scroll to move their turf to another kingdom.

Migration Requirements

Migration is possible if:

  • The destination kingdom is more than 90 days old; these kingdoms no longer have migration restriction.
  • The destination kingdom is less than 90 days old, but is still older than the player's current kingdom. 

Players cannot migrate if:

  • They have any troops out on an expedition. (ie. moving, scouting, occupying, gathering, reinforcing, in a coalition).
  • They have unclaimed Extra Supplies, which is received when the player is attacked.
  • The event Kingdom Clash is taking place, or right after the event when Gem Lodes appear in kingdoms. During this time, migration is restricted.

Might Rank

The number of migration scrolls needed for to migrate will depend on a player's might ranking in the target kingdom.

Rank in target Kingom Scrolls Required Rank in target Kingom Scrolls Required
1 90 26 10
2 65 27 9
3 50 28 9
4 35 29 8
5 30 30 8
6 28 31 7
7 26 32 7
8 24 33 6
9 22 34 6
10 20 35 6
11 18 36 5
12 18 37 5
13 18 38 5
14 16 39 4
15 16 40 4
16 16 41 4
17 14 42 3
18 14 43 3
19 13 44 3
20 13 45 3
21 12 46 2
22 12 47 2
23 11 48 2
24 11 49 2
25 10 50 2
51+ 1

Note Things to note

  • Players can only migrate to kingdoms where they are no migration restrictions.
  • Players will be placed last in the Colosseum Ranks in their new Kingdom.
  • Returning troops or reinforcing troops will return to the player's turf immediately.
  • If gathering troops have not returned before a player migrates, all collected resources will be lost.
  • All remaining guild help in a player's original Kingdom will be removed.
  • Titles given by the overlord will be removed after migrating.
  • Players can only bring a certain number of resources to their new kingdom. This number can be found in their Vault, with one exception: they can also bring an amount of Gold equal to the other resources, even if their Vault is not level 25. If the amount of resources a player has exceeds the numbers in their vault then those resources will be lost. 

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