Military research can be very helpful when it comes to army offense, defense, troop attack, army travel speed, scouting and so on. Not only does it provide these attributes, you can also research higher tiers of troops in this branch. This particular section greatly increases the player's fighting capabilities and it is known as one of the most vital researches in the Academy.

Available Research Edit

Training speed I
Intelligence report
Quick maneuvers I
Infantry offense
Siege Attack
Ranged offense
Cavalry offense
Infantry defense
Siege toughness
Range defense
Cavalry defense
Gladiator research
Calapult research
Sharp shooter research
Reptalian rider research
Infantry health
Siege durability
Ranged health
Cavalry health
Royal guard research
Fire trebuchet research
Stealth sniper research
Royal cavalry research
Army defense I
Army offense I
Army health
Heroic fighter research
Destroyer research
Heroic cannoneer research
Ancient drake rider research

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