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The Military Command research tree is where the player can research a wide variety of economic and military boosts, especially Darknest-related boosts.

Level 17 Academy is required.

Available Research[]

Excess Supplies.png

Excess Supplies

Food Storage.png

Food Storage

Stone Storage.png

Stone Storage

Timber Storage.png

Timber Storage

Ore Storage.png

Ore Storage

Gold Storage.png

Gold Storage II

Stamina Limit.png

Stamina Limit



Shelter Expansion.png

Shelter Expansion



Darknest Invasion.png

Darknest Invasion

Darknest Convention.png

Darknest Convention

Darknest Navigation.png

Darknest Navigation

Max Deposit.png

Max Deposit II

Energy Limit.png

Energy Limit III

Darknest Defense.png

Darknest Defense

Darknest Offense.png

Darknest Offense

Darknest Tenacity.png

Darknest Tenacity



Furious Defense.png

Furious Defense II

Furious Durability.png

Furious Durability II

Furious Offense.png

Furious Offense II

Hidden Talent.png

Hidden Talent

Trivia.png Trivia[]

  • The Military Command tree was added to the game following the May 4th 2017 maintenance.
  • Total Research time: EXACTLY 18000d 22h 50m

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